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Riding Life!
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

C: Do I Need My Own Blankety-Blank Truck??!!

pickupt For weeks I have been needing a pickup truck.  I bought a daybed—need a mattress.  Am fixing up my bedroom porch—need wicker chairs.  Ditching my old, ratty BBQ cooker—need a new grill.  How do I get these things to my home?

Living in the country I am surrounded by helpful neighbors, almost all of whom have a pick up truck.  But I am working sunup to sundown through the week.  And last weekend it rained and I’m never able when they are…besides all the hauling I need requires several stops.  I hate imposing on people.  I just could not bring myself to call sometrucksone to lend me their truck for half a day.

All week I have been fuming…scheming to buy myself a work truck, knowing that if I did it would be outside something I really can afford.  Still, I live in the country; doesn’t that require a truck?  I’ve looked in the paper; I’ve gone on line at local car lots; I’ve even looked at the credit situation to check out monthly payments.  But I resisted, worrying about a looming tax payment.

So, today, the dadepottrucky before Easter, MIL, Son and I hoofed it to The Home Depot where we purchased a pre-assembled grill and rented one of their  pick up trucks.  This picture is not ours, but looks pretty much the same.

It was a doozy of a day.

First of all, I think everyone in our city was at The Home Depot, eager to fix up their homes for spring.  It took me half an hour to arrange for the truck.  Really, in the broad spectrum, this isn’t much of a wait.  But I was in a hurry!

We got the truck, loaded the grill and headed for Garden Ridge for two  wickerwicker rocking chairs I had spotted for $80 apiece.  When we got there, they had gone “off sale,” and were $100 each.  I dithered but in the end went on and purchased them.  When can I count on another day with a truck?

Next stop: Sam’s, where I had seen a twin-sized mattress for $98.00.  Just the thing.  But, OMG!  Do you know what Sam’s is like on the day before Easter?  You don’t want to know… We gave it a pass.  I decided to pay a bit more another day and have it delivered.

We headed home, dropped MIL off at her house and headed to mine.

Pull around the house,” Son instructed. “Back up to the porch, and we won’t have to lift these things—they will just slide right off onto the porch.”

Sure thing! But I couldn’t get the angle right and pulled down into my meadow to re-adjust.  My Son yelled, “Noooo!  Waaait!”

Too late.  The momentum was too much, and I realized too late that I was sitting in the middle of standing water.  When I tried to move forward or backward the mud wheels spun, sending mud everywhere.  I was stuck good.  It probably wasn’t as bad as this picture looks, but I’m telling you, we covered the truck with mud and ourselves to boot.

Son calmly got boards and put them under the tires.  Eventually I freed the truck, we got the goods unloaded and I turned the truck toward town to return  it, leaving Son to work around the place.

I went to the do-it-yourself carwash to get the truck clean of the mud we had plastered on it.  As I was there, my phone rang.  It was Son.  “Mom, where are you?   You’ve left the keys to your car, and you won’t be able to get home!” (We had left my car on the Home Depot parking lot).

Thank God I was only 5 miles down the road.  And Thank God he spotted my keys.  I think that getting into town (20 miles) without the keys would have caused a meltdown of monumental proportions.  Son averted disaster by delivering the keys to me while I was washing the truck down.

I returned the truck, got my car and realized it was 1:00 and I was feeling a little dizzy from not eating—not even breakfast.  I pulled into Sonic (strictly forbidden but rationalized that I deserved it for all the trouble I have had today.)

After lunch I took myself to the Kroger store (mud and all) for a few final things for Easter dinner.  And, of course, I ran into someone I knew, looking a total mud wreck.  But it was only V’s eldest daughter and husband.  They hugged me anyway…being like family.

sonic As I entered the car after loading the groceries, I was still carrying the illicit Sonic coke…which collapsed in my grip as I slid into the car, spewing Coke and ice all over the driver’s seat.  I had an afghan in the back seat, thank goodness, so was able to soak it up and make it home.

And the house is still not in order for my family tomorrow.  I’ll be up late tonight getting there.  But, you know, all-in-all I suppose I have had more disastrous days.

The Home Depot truck cost me $36 (not counting the carwash…).  I think that’s a pretty good deal.  I’m thinking I’ll nix the idea of purchasing a truck and just use theirs instead.

And, as for  tomorrow, it is my usual circle, and they’re used to me and my housekeeping by now.  We’re looking forward to a wonderful Easter Day!  Hope you have one as well!  C


kath001 said...

Aaaahhhh...a Coke from Sonic is my absolute favorite reward for a job well done...or a bribe to get one done. Whatever it takes. :)

Happy Easter!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

what a day!!!!! glad is ove for you..have a fun Easter and enjoy your family!

Ayak said...

That's a really good deal for the truck isn't it? Better to save up all the journeys that need a truck and do them on the same day.
That was quite a day!

Monalisa said...

Made me laugh...

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

...just had to stop by and say Hello and wishing you a lovely Easter....


Sassy Granny ... said...

Those stick horses might be the better mode of transport afterall!

Blessings this Easter, and always,

Protege said...

What an entertaining post, a great read!:;)
I think you are happy to have your son to help you out at times. I often miss a mans hand around the house, like this Saturday when I had to drag 27 gallons soil from the gardening center to my car and then to my patio. Phew...
Hope you had a lovely Easter:)

Vee said...

Oh gravy! That sounds like a weekend from somewhere that isn't Easter. It was so challenging that Monday may actually be an improvement.

Leann said...

Oh my this could be a movie of the week, just add in a handsome cowpoke to help you out of your jams:)

Enjoy your week!

Debbie said...

Hahahahaha - Sounds like a Lucy and Ethyl story! Very good! Good idea to use the HD truck, too. That's cheaper than buying one. Hope you had a happy Easter.

KathyB. said...

I think renting their truck is very practical and thrifty . Sounds like you are very entertaining almost all of the time, but after reading the last post I think your job gives you a different perspective, gotta laugh at life and the characters that inhabit it with us , don't you? ( else you'd be crying all the time)

RivkA with a capital A said...

I live in the city and have no justification for anything other than my small family car, but I alternate between coveting a mini-van and a pick-up truck.

My mom drives a pick up truck. I love driving it when I visit; it is so much fun!

Molly said...

First thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Second, I've had days like these. But most of all, thanks for the HD truck idea. Why didn't I think of that? Enjoyed your post, and I'll be back.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Using the HD truck is an ingenious plan... no insurance... no registration... no inspection fees... no maintenance! It does sound like you deserved that Sonic treat though! =)

Immigrant Daughter said...

The truck with all the mud on it showed how really that is a mess we have to live with. It good you were able to wash it off before it dried. Now if we had a way to get rid of all the pollen because washing the car brings more mud.

Sandra said...

I think $36 sounds like a deal! I told Hubby about that. He knew it, but I think he forgets there is an option like this when he needs to haul something.

Of course I didn't know you before your husband went MIA, but I so admire the strong, assertive woman you are, and I have to think that having him gone has encouraged that. His loss. Good for you. friend!

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