Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Sunday, December 28, 2008

C: Christmas and Computer Crashes!

Excuses, excuses. Sorry there has been no post! First the holiday bustle, then my home computer crashed. I've always heard of these "crashes" but this is a first experience for me--not good! Anyway, after delay, let me give you the lowdown promised on my "big girl sleepover!"

We had a great time! This is going to be an annual event, I'm certain. We had two "newbies" in the crowd, so the evening meal and activities were a bit surface. Boy, by breakfast time had that ever changed! There's just something about a sleepover and arriving at breakfast table sleepy-eyed and with bed hair that breaks down walls. We sat--and this is quite literally--for three hours, making pot after pot of coffee and listening to the conversation deepening.

Several in our midst were going through "stuff" (including yours truly). There was no contrivance to the conversation, no steering, it just went. What happened was healing and helpful. Those of us who were in distress were able to speak about it and, lo and behold, what we found was that every, single person around the table had some experience that related to what we were discussing and a point of view to help. It was great!

My sleepover was meant to be just a fun get-together with good food and good fun and chick flicks (we watched "Where the Heart Is"), not the therapy session it turned into. But, you know, I just think that's a bonus! And it makes me want to shout out to all you cowgirls out there: "Don't forget your girlfriends--keep 'em close, because they understand!"

Now, for the cheap tricks I used (in addition to those nifty Dollar Tree martini glasses I posted about a couple weeks ago), check out the cheap tricks column on the right. These little items enhanced our little party immensely, although I'm sure those bellinis heightened our appreciation!

Happy Holidays to you all! - C

Monday, December 8, 2008

C: Sharing a "Good Deal!"

V and I have a wonderful group of friends with whom we regularly meet and swap commiseration. The core of this group is five of us who have known each other in excess of twenty years. I cannot tell you what a blessing this group is to me.
About five years ago we decided to meet regularly as a "book club," and we did, in fact, read for a while. Then the bottoms fell out of our lives, one by one. It is uncanny, really, how each of us experienced some pretty wrenching times, kind of all in a row. We abandoned literature in favor of tequila and beer, and we started meeting every couple of weeks at a local Mexican restaurant.
Last year I hosted all these girls, plus a few, in my home for a slumber party. We had such a good time, and it lasted well into the next day, so loathe were we to part company after such a time. We determined to make it a habit and here, a year later, we will meet next weekend for the "Second Annual." I can hardly wait.
No real preparations are required for this group; they just want the chance to be together. Still, I am excited so about it that preparations have been made anyway. You've heard it said that "the devil is in the details." Well, it's true, but it is also true that delight is in the details. This year I am pleased with those, although I can't share them with you just yet--some of my girls may read this and spoil my surprises!
But something that is not a surprise to anyone is that we need "special" glasses for our "special cocktails!" I went in search of martini glasses for my Christmasy table. Oh, my! Do you have any idea how much they want for one stem of these things! And I needed at least ten! I was about to give up when I happened into one of my favorite stores: The Dollar Tree.
How, on earth, I survived without this store is a mystery to me. I go there annually for the trinkets I give out on Christmas Eve (see traditions section in side bar for more on this). It was this purpose that drew me there this week, and what do you think I found? The photo above is one of the martini glasses I bought for a mere $1.00 apiece. It has a stylish, wavy stem in just the right shade of green for my table. I was so excited!
I will keep you posted on how the party goes and, after it is all over, will let you in on some of the fun things that made it "special." In the meantime, just a word to you: If you have a Dollar Tree in your neck of the woods, get over there! You'll be surprised at what you find. C 12/08/2008
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