Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Saturday, April 30, 2011

C Surprises Herself

wedding You don’t have to read this blog for long to know I am a big cynic when it comes to marriage.  I love the institution, believe it is totally the best thing for building families and relationships, but I just know the odds.  They aren’t good, and that tends to tarnish my whole view of everything connected with marriage, including weddings.

Yesterday I awoke at my usual early hour.  I fixed my wake-cup coffee and switched on the news.  It was the Royal Wedding, about which I had completely forgotten.  Imagine this cynic’s shock to find that she could not tear her eyes away from it.  Literally.  I simply could not stop watching.

I found this wedding to be just about perfect.  To me, it was a fairy tale with just the right amount of solemn, spiritual influence.  It was a picture of joy, on display for sharing with the world.  And, although there is NO TELLING how much money was spent on this do, in no way did I sense haughtiness at the display.  No, the participants seemed to understand that we—“the people”—wanted to watch this Royal ceremony, and they seemed glad for it.  It seemed like we were all invited guests, and they were determined that we enjoy their day right along with them.  And I certainly did enjoy it.

Some things I especially liked—no loved—about the wedding:

  • The trees in Westminster Abbey.  And, if you didn’t watch, I mean, quite literally, trees IN Westminster Abbey.  It really set the fairy-tale atmosphere, seeing guests and the bride strolling down the center of the cathedral amongst trees, the green adding just the right organic touch.  It was amazing.  A wedding in a fairy tale forest!

wedding trees

  • The dress! I just don’t think it could be more perfect.  If ever there was a “princess dress,” this one was it.  I can imagine Sleeping Beauty waltzing in just such a dress.

wedding dress

  • The fanfare!  Talk about fairy tale touches—the fanfare trumpets blown by their uniformed trumpeters.  Of course there would be trumpet fanfare for such a princess!  All the pageantry and color.  Pure fantasy…of course there were horse-drawn carriages.  And a tiara!  Must not forget to mention the tiara…

wedding coach

It was ethereal. 

And this couple seems (but what do I know?) to be on more even footing than was poor Diana with her prince those thirty years ago when her own fairy tale wedding put her right, squarely into a life of heartache.  I certainly hope that Kate’s ten years of age on that young bride, Diana, combined with her “commoner’s” grounding serves her in good stead and means that her Prince approaches her with the respect his father had refused his own bride.

But, enough negativity!  I loved this wedding, and that fact was a shock to cynical me!  I thought about why I was so attracted to it, knowing life as I do and realized that it may be that there is a romantic here..or maybe we women just all have a little girl, dreaming of being a princess, inside somewhere.  C.

Monday, April 18, 2011

V: Sunshine after the Storm


When you see the first bluebird of the season, it just has to be a sign that it’s going to be a special day!



No, that is not a “texture”!  Hubby was trying out his new camera and it’s just out of focus!


Can a mother brag?!!!

  Lovely eldest daughter won an Artist’s Choice Award for her hand painted egg for the Eggshibition benefit for Youth Home where troubled juveniles receive counseling and a place to stay during their treatment.  Artists and celebrities paint an egg which will be auctioned off during a gala event.  This year her egg featured thoroughbred horses racing at Oaklawn Park here in our state.  Here’s a shot of her winning egg!  It’s my favorite of all the ones she has painted!




The miniature horses have arrived at daughter’s farm!  They are so adorable—they look like toys!  If only their dispositions were so adorable!  They came from a herd of about 70 miniature horses, so they had not been handled much.  Hopefully with time and attention they will become socialized!  They weigh 70 to 80 pounds—really, they look like toys!






On Saturday, granddaughter  “J” had her party at the farm.  The terrible storms that wreaked havoc on our state last week were followed by lovely weather.  It was a glorious day!

Even the dogs had a great time!





Max the corgi arrived at the farm as a surprise for “J” last Christmas.   Herding everything in sight is his job whether it be cows, horses, cats or children!  He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but I think the has “little man syndrome”!  He runs around the farm like he owns the place!





The boys preferred to ride little ATV’s instead of horses.




The girls were in their element and the weather was perfect!






Am I too old to ride?  Maybe I can persuade “C” to come riding with me!  I fear we might have trouble hoisting our middle-aged selves into the saddle!





This looks a little scary—it’s been probably 15 years since I’ve been on a horse!




But it sure looks like fun!


“J” had the best birthday celebration ever!!! 

“C” was busy working, so she missed the party, but her sister and niece were there for the fun.  We’re both looking forward to the celebration of Easter later this week.  Prayers go out for those who lost loved ones across the South from the terrible storms and tornadoes.  Sounds like we may have another round tomorrow night.  Hope and pray all will be safe.  Blessed Holy Week to all!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

C: Ahhhhhhhhhh!

pajama2 Who invented pajamas?  I’m serious.  Who is the person who came up with the idea that we must have something loose and comfortable in which to sleep?  Whoever came up with it, I am indebted to him/her.

I am absolutely certain that it was a woman.  Men seem to relish things like sleeping in the outdoors on the ground.  In their clothes.  Now that I think of it, I bet women invented beds, too.  And three-hundredasian1-count sheets.  Don’t you think?

Could it be our Asian friends who came up with this wonderful attire?  Some of their clothing looks very pajama-like.  Geishas walk around in robes, don’t they?  (Don’t think about those awkward shoes and bound feet…) 

See these stylish Asian pajamas, to the right?

All I know is this: I have been working waaaaay too hard lately and waaaaay too many days.  I am troubled by this, especially since I am just coming over hump-day today into what should be the home-stretch of the work week, and I already have scheduled an “emergency” settlement meeting on Sunday afternoon.  Nope, can’t be avoided.

Why, I don’t even have time to write on this blog, as you can plainly see by how long it has been since I posted.

pajama But, back to subject.  I am so tired in the evenings that when I finally get home—even if it is before 6:30 p.m.--I’ve put in at least ten, maybe twelve hours.   I go straight to the dressing closet, take off those tiring work clothes and uncomfortable shoes, and pull on some pajamas to pad around in the rest of the evening.

My country home has a wonderful back porch.  It is just right for sitting out there in the warm spring weather with my cat, reading in my PJ’s, never fearing if anyone can see, although I doubt I would mind in any case

Our good friend Sandra has revealed to us that she sleeps in T shirts, and I know many who do.  I occasionally grab one to top my pajama bottoms when the matching top is not readily apparent.  My mother and V are sold on gowns.  I’m not into them.  They get wrapped up on my legs, and Igown don’t like running around the house in them.  MIL seems to be a sensible pajama person.

No, I’m a pajama girl—I’m in a pair of light cotton knit lavender ones right this very second, which has inspired this post.  They have a wonderful lightness and an exquisitely comfortable elastic waist band (very important).  I am feeling very “ahhhhhhh.”

So, to whomever invented these special sleep relaxation clothes, my hat is off to you!  (Along with my suit, and my heels, and my hose, and….)

Are you a PJ person or a gown person or a T-shirt person?  Inquiring minds want to know.  C

PS – And there are those of you who sleep au naturel….I don’t get it.  Do you not know?  Monsters can get you!  Must wear pajamas…

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