Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Thursday, April 1, 2010

C: April Fools?

Are you ever amazed when you clean out your spam folder?  I do it every morning, and it usually contains ten or a dozen spam items. spam

But what is amazing to me more is the content.  Oh, sure I get some fairly innocuous pitches.  I don’t open them, but from the subject lines, I can tell some of them are about consolidation of student loans or vacation pitches.  But—far and away—the majority of my spam folder each morning is advertising about cures for erectile dysfunction!  A secondary batch is something that usually refers to itself as “male enhancement.”  Ah, if they only knew…

I don’t know why I am getting these—I have NEVER searched for this stuff, I promise you with crossed heart!  Don’t need the stuff; don’t want it.  But the advertising for me is there.  Lots of it.

You know the bench signs and bill boards that say something lbenchadvertisingike: “Billboard advertising works—you just proved it!”?  Well, does this kind of e-mail advertising work?  Are men out there buying their ED fixes online, perhaps because they are embarrassed to go personally to the doctor?  Who knows?

And is there that much ED out there?  I suppose these are miracle drugs in a way and have their legitimate uses, I know, but I was talking to a friend-lawyer about this.  He is a family-law attorney, very respected around here, and has practiced a bit longer than I, so you know he’s experienced!  Here’s his take on the situation:

“Ya know, back twenty-five years ago we did not see nearly the playing around that we do today, especially among the men in their 50’s.”  (He, like me, rarely goes a week without a new case involving blatant adultery). 

He went on, “It’s viagra…when these old fools get to where their equipment won’t always work, it gives them all kinds of insecurities, and they need to go feel young again with someone other than their wife.  And viagra helps them do it.  Back in the day a good portion of them would never have attempted to fool around with unreliable equipment, but now they can patch it up where they can get on out there…”


But I know one thing: if you judge by the sheer amount of advertising (just watch for the ads on television), then this is a pretty popular product.cialis  Look at this Cialis ad—it shows on the tube, too.  How romantic: side-by-side bathtubs outside in the middle of nowhere.  You can tell that romance is just minutes away, and the guy is confident.  Why, he’s back to that same “Alpha Male” state he was when he was 30!  He has his Cialis!!

And, like bench advertising, I’m sure the e mail campaign must work.  They sure as heck are trying hard at it, sending it to everyone, even people like me who might be just a tad down on romance at the moment.

I’m just not in the market…C

    PS – Shhhhh.  One of my true confessions—just to you—is that I will actually eat the canned Spam, turned a time or two on a hot skillet.  I like Vienna sausages, too, in the right setting (around a campfire??).  Actually, they evoke happy childhood memories.  I just don’t eat them more than every couple of years and try not to think too hard about them when I do. Happy April Fool’s Day—be on the alert for pranks!


Janean said...

i like spam (the meat product and official meat of hawaii). there i said it. i feel better. *wink*

don't like all the personal product advertising on TV...i heard a kid actually humming-singing "Viva Viagra" one day. oh the shame....LOL.

Monalisa said...

I think everyone gets those Viagra, erectile dysfunction emails. I don't show them to my husband (he can't use the computer without me showing him), he probably would be interested in sending away for stuff, I wouldn't...

kath001 said...

Last year while visiting my best friend, we made a 'special' retro dinner for her daughter and son-in-law...things we remembered being staples at our house on any given weeknight when we were kids. Fried Spam, pea salad, celery sticks with Neufchatel cheese spread in the rib, shoestring potatoes, and canned fruit cocktail. :) The kids weren't wild about the fare, but it was fun preparing it and talking about it at the dinner table!

KathyB. said...

Spam, the canned stuff, I love! The other stuff, not needed around here thank-you very much. Funny post!

Debbie said...

So funny! Thanks for linking up with Arkansas Bloggers. I need your location so I can add it to your link. Be sure to come back next week and link up your favorite post of the week.

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