Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Friday, March 26, 2010

C: Chili Update

You may recall the sorry recent saga of my Belgian Malinois, Chili.  You can see the back story at this post. He had been going missing for days at a time.  This was causing his mama (me) grave emotional distress and was ravaging Chili’s health—he was a walking skeleton by the third DSCN1005episode of disappearance.

So, what’s a mama to do?  I took him right off to the veterinarian who in turn took his testicles right off.  (Aha! Take that, you wayward male!!) But the veterinarian warned me that it would take  up to three months (!) for the hormones to leave his body to the extent that he would quit roaming.

This was not good news.  I am a woman who likes things my way NOW.  I was disappointed that my swift action against his sex drive would not give me an immediate cure for the roaming.  I have no good way to confine him while I am at work.

But, I am beginning to learn to relax and just let the things I cannot really do much about go their own way.  So, I just stayed around close during Chili’s convalescenDSCN1002t weekend, then went off to work as usual, leaving Chili outside.

Well, I’m happy to report that, residual hormones or no, Chili has stayed right around the house!  Not once has he roamed off again.  The only thing I can figure is that he is sooooooooo smart that he realizes that really bad things happen to dogs who don’t stay close to home!  In any event, I am thankful that this problem seems cured.  He’s back up to his normal weight and looking quite handsome.


And he still spends time in the woods, sniffing, chasing those threatening squirrels away.  He has a good life in the country.

We on the farm are now back to our comforting routine.  The dogs sleep on their beds on my bedroom floor at night.  When I drive off for work, they immediately trot up the driveway to spend the day with Grandmom.  On two or three occasions recently little Scout (the Sheltie) has “asked” t o stay the night with MIL, and that  is just fine.  It is amazing how much comfort and company MIL and I get from these dogs!!

Here’s Chili looking longingly toward the woods, hopefully realizing that his roaming days are over:


Tomorrow my son and I are hosting a conceal-and-carry class.  Believe it or not, this was MIL’s idea, and she will be getting her license, too.   We will be gun-toting mamas.  This will be a gathering of good friends who want to get their licenseconceal and carrys, and we will do so with my back porch as a classroom and a pot of soup for our break. 

I am looking forward to really learning about my pistol.  MIL has been  saying for a while that we country girls need this skill, and she’s right (note to self, don’t mess with this Immigrant Daughter….).  I will report on this endeavor.

And somehow the subject of guns sorta seems to mesh with the beginning theme of this post: a cure for wayward males…but I’ll leave it to you for that connection.  C


KathyB. said...

Ha ha! Of course we know every good American country gal needs a good and faithful dog and and gun! I think you will have a blast this week as you meet sister and brother pistol packers.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Dang! I wish my class had been on a porch with a pot of soup and good friends! Sounds way more fun than the classroom and range!! Chili looks great!!

Laura said...

It is very stressfull when they run off and you don't know if you will ever see them again, hope that was the trick. I keep a couple of rifles here but am not sure I could get to them quick enough to be of any use. Have been thinking about a gun safe and some visits to the shooting range to become more comfortable with them. I am often alone here in the woods, last night there was an escaped fugitive running around the area and they were warning everyone to stay in thier homes with the door locked. Yep a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

Kitty said...

And somehow the subject of guns sorta seems to mesh with the beginning theme of this post: a cure for wayward males…but I’ll leave it to you for that connection.

/me waves her hand in the air frantically...

Does that mean we're supposed to shoot their testicles off, C? I think an extreme bris milah would be easier, but that's just me.

I'm glad to hear Chili has stopped his roaming, and yes, he looks robust and healthy again!

Protege said...

You know, I have this secret desire to fire a firearm. Weird, but there is something infinitely primal about guns. Even though they are a subject of controversy.
Of course, here in Scandinavia, owning a gun is not allowed.
Have a lovely weekend,

Vickie said...

I'm shopping for a gun as we speak! We country girls CAN survive - as old Hank puts it!

Look at Chili's ears laid back when you said the word "testicle"! HAHA- too funny. He's such a purdy dog.

Come by for a visit - I'm having a giveaway!

joolzmac said...

Did you have another 'wayward male' who is in need of testicle removing, in mind? *smirking*

Joolz :)

jan said...

So glad Chili is staying close to home. I hope you enjoy the gun class! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Immigrant Daughter said...

Your right we need to learn the how to's but also remember what not to.

Joy said...

Well, I've shot a 22 rifle, and loved that. I'm for freedom to bear arms... for law-abiding folk. That gal in Scandinavia...I guess the only ones who do have guns are the police and the crimminals? So, I guess she'll have to defend herself with what? A fryin pan?

Anonymous said...

A great post, C! I'm sure when you look deeply into Chili's eyes you now see a much smarter doggy! :)

I wish I too could have been there for your class/soup lunch.

Hubby and I believe that the greatest deterrent to crime is a citizenry who are able to own and are trained with guns.

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