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Riding Life!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

C: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Those of you who have been reading Stickhorse Cowgirls for very long riellegettingoffbed knew this was coming…you had to have known that Rielle Hunter’s GQ Magazine interview would activate Cowgirl C.  In a big way.

At the risk of my PG rating, it gives me great pleasure to post Rielle’s pictures here.  I want to post these pictures because I am afraid some of you will miss them otherwise.  And I believe the camera does not lie….Rielle needs to be exposed for the trash that she is, and the whole world needs to know.

Look at this portion of the Cleveland Celebrity Examiner’s March 15, 2010 interview with Rielle Hunter describing Rielle’s first meeting with John Edwards:

The two met in the bar of New York's Regency Hotel in 2006…she handed one of Edwards' people her business card and he met her at the bar moments later. According to Rielle there was a mutual attraction.

… And I just uttered to him, 'You're so hot.' And he said, 'Why, thank you!' And he almost jumped into my arms. Literally."

Amazing.  Talk about trash…both of them. 

I remember reading of this meeting, as told by John Edwards, during the time when he had “repented” and returned to Elizabeth.  What stuck in my mind from that conversation is his description of her approaching him, saying, “You’re hot…”  Apparently, that’s all it takes for him to ditch everything—his family, his political future, all that he had worked so hard to gain and maintain.

And now there’s a baby.  A little, innocent baby.  Sorry.  You cannot convince me that this baby was an accident.  Seventeen-year-olds get pregnant by mistake.  Adult women who know how to premeditatively snag married men are savvy about birth control.  Write it down: this babyrielleandbaby was intended.  It is the way women try to solidify relationships.  I see it all the time.  It is a fool’s game, and it is unfair and blatant using of an innocent baby.

And look where Rielle is because of this baby-pawn: getting a reported $20,000 per month in child support, a house, yadayadayada….a spread in GQ, far and away more than she would ever have made on her own.

Here’s her picture with baby (not that she would ever use  her child, mind you).  Doesn’t she just look like the sweet mommy?

And, by the way, she’s whining about these photos you see here.  She’s calling them “replusive” and says she cried for hours when she saw them.  My question: Where was she when they were taken?? Now she’s worried they make her look like a slut.  If the shoe fits…  I am so happy to post them….

And let me dispel her statement to GQ when she said, “….healthy marriages are not susceptible to infidelity…”  Wrong, honey.  There are studies on this one.  Look at this quote from therapist Ann Bercht, who specializes in adultery:

…[It is a} commonly believed myth that affairs happen only as a result of problems in a marriage. That it is not possible for someone who is genuinely happy and in love with their spouse to have an affair. This is false. You can be in love with your spouse, have all your needs met perfectly and still be enticed by the flattery, seduction and smooth talk of another. Why is he there? Because it feels good to have an affair … for a brief period of time, like eating chocolate cake when you’re on a diet.

Can you say that if you’ve had a very satisfying and fulfilling meal, that you are immune to the temptation of a desert or 2nd helping? This is ridiculous logic. Every married person needs to protect themselves from the temptation of affairs, first of all by being aware that that they are not immune, and then by learning the truth about affairs, and the subtle ‘letting down of walls’ that can lead you down their deadly path. When it comes to affairs, what you don’t know DOES hurt you. (Anne Bercht.  “My Husband’s Affair became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me.”, 2004)

Probably because I have a personal axe to grind, I feel the need to refute Rielle's statement absolving herself.  I want women everywhere—on both sides of this adultery fence, the betrayer and the betrayed—to understand this: that, yes, sin and riellewithtoys temptation can invade a happy, healthy relationship.  The adulterer needs to own her responsibility in, yes, “home-wrecking.”  The betrayed spouse needs to be absolved of it.

Here’s another picture of Rielle…looking for all the world like a slut…amongst the toys, being one herself.   An ego toy for Johnny.  I’m sure she’s embarrassed, sob (not!).

And, after denying that she was, in her words, a “home-wrecker,” because who would want to be called that, Rielle says this of herself in GQ:

I was never, as it's been reported, a drug addict. The word addiction means inability to stop. I stopped doing drugs in my twenties. As for being promiscuous, I would say that I was a bit promiscuous for about six months. But it was because I was partying, and there were a lot of very good-looking available 20-year-old men around that you'd be partying with, and there was a lot of, you know, hooking up going on.

Well, isn’t that a character recommendation???

Okay.  That’s it.  For now.  C


Kitty said...

I have no idea who this woman is, but then, I don't think I want to know either. (See? Another excellent reason to live in France and ignore CNN!)

As for the 'creation' of a child, I agree, it was manipulation plain and simple on her part (which obviously worked cha-CHING!)... HOWEVER... why didn't the 'John' have sense enough to wrap his lolly in latex?

Riding bareback, gentle people, incurs risks. No matter how well you think you can handle the filly.

I'll stop now before I start to drown in my own gushing similes....

Warm hugs and quiches from Kitty xo

Vickie said...

It even happens to good Christian people - no one is immune. And if they are not immune, then certainly somebody like these two bozos are going to jump at the chance for a little tomfoolery, rather JOHNfoolery. That female (I won't dignify her with the title 'woman") person knew exactly what she was doing. And so did he. He wasn't duped at all. I'm disgusted. And I thank you for putting your opinion and your wise counsel and expertise in these kinds of matters out there.

Barbara said...

My thoughts exactly. I do not watch much tv but, I am aware of who this woman is. I have the same question as you. Where was she when the pics were being taken?....Wow, She is pulling off the whole blonde thing well.
I also agree that any marriage no matter how healthy is capable of being penetrated by seduction, manipulation, and a blow xxx.....Ahh, I am sorry I said that but it is true.

Debbie said...

She's certainly not the first to capitalize on her association with a famous person (as did Monica Lewinsky with 'Bill').
But 2 things bother me. First, that these women don't realize what it costs them; ( I treasure my self-respect and reputation and fear the consequences of such a life style) And 2nd, seeing her child used as a prop in this "filth" shoot should send up a red flag to the DCFS that this woman is not fit to parent this child. Unfortunately, her father isn't either. Sad, isn't it.

Janera said...

Now, C. Whatever gives you the impression that this is anything but a simple, straightforward case of falling blissfully in love by accident?

Really. Can she help it if John is hot? Can she?

Is it his fault if women throw themselves at him in bars?

It just happened, I tell you. It was an accident. Like that baby.

It's not like they KNEW she was going to get pregnant, after all. You know, people do the deed all the time without pregnancy. It was an accident!

And, what clues did the poor woman have that these pictures would come across as unflattering to her pristine reputation?

That they're taken in a bed with rumpled sheets?

That she's wearing a man's button-down shirt, only partially buttoned?

That her full legs and her bare belly are exposed to the world?

It's abundantly clear that this woman is so very pure and naive that she's been taken advantage of. It's bound to be another case of a professional photographer (the media) TRICKING a young woman for their own gain.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I have some swamp land to sell right away. It appears I'm on a roll.

Farmchick said...

You are spot on in this post. How could she possibly say that she is embarassed by these pictures? Like she wasn't there and paying attention at the time? I think Vickie's comment said it best when she referred to them both as bozos.

Immigrant Daughter said...

cowgirl c you hit the nail on the head. Goody twoshoes makes himself so picked on, I can understand why his wife didn't have a picture published handing him his suitcase saying he will hear from her lawyer.

Vee said...

I'm so glad that Mr. Edwards was outed for the man he is before he got into office. Wish that the same could be said for many others. As for this chick, well, she's got it made in the shade with lemonade. As you say, it's the child who suffers. And, given that we now know that Elizabeth knew for a long time, it's their children who suffer, too. It's all very sad what a cheap thrill can cost. Are you going to talk about Tiger Woods next? ;>

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Vee, I have plenty to say about Tiger, all right, some in the context of recent "regular" folks I've had in my office. But I'm afraid I might be getting the reputation of "ranter blogger," so I will probably hold my tongue. C

Jody Blue said...

So wrong..so long, why does the media glorify a gold diggin' hussy!?!

Iron Needles said...

"...That it is not possible for someone who is genuinely happy and in love with their spouse to have an affair..."

That chestnut got tossed at me. I was told (by him) that the X wouldn't have looked elsewhere if all was as it needed to be in our marriage. Sounded like BS then, and a really good excuse for him to blame me for his 'friendship' with her.

Now I know that our marriage was not as healthy as it could have been. And there is sometimes a need to leave an unhealthy relationship. I see that now, and I know I am healthier and happier for him leaving me.

But. End it first! Don't be finding the 'next one' before honestly assessing what needs to be done and why.

Justification after the fact is not honesty. It's just throwing crap.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Excellent post.

Karen said...

I thought it was digusting too... amazes me the classless women these politicians choose to spend time with. Do they not realize they are in history, their children will read this someday. And those photos!!! Has she no sympathy for the woman she has dragged through the mud.. the woman who suffers from breast cancer, let alone a broken marriage and the tragic death of her son? That interview is horrible. I hope John is cringing big time.

I did a post on Sandra and Jesse.. another horror story.

Sandra said...

Everyone is SO on target with all their comments. I'm trying to feel sorry for her but I only feel embarrassment!

Leslie said...

You are so right on and I am glad you posted a picture. Poor Rielle! (NOT!!). She is pathetic and he is disgusting. I am so sick of women that purposely go after married men, sick of married men that screw around on their wives and I am sick of the people that know about it and cover it up.

Joy said...

Yes, I would have missed the photos! Good post. She'll be forgotten within a year or so--if that long. Elizabeth wins, hands down, even if she is 'terminal'.

addhumorandfaith said...

Amen to all of this, C. I guess the moment she should have known these were not going to be "PG" pictures was when someone said, "Let's get a few of you with YOUR PANTS OFF!!"

Attractive, no morals and dumber than a box of rocks -- a fatal combination. I feel such sympathy for the little girl who is being raised by this woman.

Kitty said...

Hehehe... dumber than a box of rocks... hahahaa!

That goes up there with my other favourite: Dumber than a bag of hammers!

BTW: Hoppy Easter!

Joy said...

And now, poor Elizabeth has passed on... like I said, she won. I haven't heard if John is at R.'s side now or not. Oh well, getting to be a tired story, huh? Nothing new under the sun.

Cindy Knull said...

Love this post. I really love this post. I saw the pictures and I saw the interview when it was all going down. That's all the glory she'll ever get. I pray for that child.

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