Riding Life!

Riding Life!
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

C: Chili Falls from Grace…Big Time Consequences!

If you’ve read our blog much at all, you know how much V and I love our animals.  For two years, our Belgian Malinois, Chili,298 has been a great companion to me, my son and Scout, our Shetland Sheepdog. 

Chili came to us from the West Coast as a pup—special ordered just for me!  He has been a dream dog, maturing into a real macho-type dog, just what a Malinois ought to be

341 We live far out in the country, off the main roads, so I have always let my dogs run free.  348 It seems to me a dream life for a dog—plenty to sniff at, room to run, and a warm, dry bed next to Mom’s each night, not to mention plenty of food in the dish.  There is little danger of them being hit by a car, and there has never been any problem whatsoever with them running off.  Until recently. 

About six weeks ago Chili was not at home when I got home…strange.  The routine was entrenched: Dogs go out the door when I leave for work, they trot down the driveway to MIL’s and spend the day with her, going in and out at whim (she spoils them rotten).  Chili was always outside when I turned the corner into our drive, waiting to greet me at MIL’s house.  Not that day.

In fact, he did not show up all night.  Next morning I was pretty upset but decided that I was premature to put out an APB.  I did call a few neighbors asking to keep an eye out.  I went on to work.  That night, still no Chili.  I dutifully printed off “Wanted” posters, offering a reward…anything to get him back.  (this is hyperbole, of course).  As I left for work the next morning, Chili was dragging in…and I do mean dragging.  He was starved and exhausted.  Clearly he had been up to no good.

I did the “Whew!” and decided this would surely not be repeated.  Wrong!  The next week he disappeared for three days, this time showing up at MIL’s house and looking pretty bad.  He was losing weight. 

I kept a closer eye on him, but after a few days home, he slipped away from me and was gone four days.  I was in a dilemma.  I had no fenced yard except for the back yard, which is the domain of the cat, Sasha (Chili has always had suspect motives when it comes to Sasha).  She is not an inside cat, and I could not see displacing her….I mulled it over.  Things settled down and I went on the cruise.

While I was gone, Chili disappeared again on Thursday and on Saturday, when I returned home, he was still gone.  He re-appeared the next day, even thinner.  DSCN0979He slept and slept and slept…”knackered,” my son called it.  I think he called it right.

Ice and snow set in.  Surely this would keep him home…Wrong again.  He left last Monday and was gone until early Thursday morning.  When I got up to make coffee, there he was at the laundry room door.  He looked totally emaciated.    So bad that I was alarmed; it seemed to me that there was more wrong that just being exhausted.  My son carted him to the veterinarian for a physical and for advice for me.DSCN0980

Dr. P called me at the office: “There’s nothing wrong with Chili except chasing women,” he said. 

I protested: “Surely he could not lose this much weight in so short a period of time without something being really wrong!”

Nope.  They’ll give up everything—drive themselves to ruin—for sex,” he said.  “I’ve seen ‘em tear their hides up gettin’ through fences for sex.  Unless you want to fence him, you’d better neuter him….”

So, I gave the word.  Chili has now been, shall we say “altered” (my son hassurgical forbidden me from using the word “fixed,” declaring that it is just wrong).  We’re hoping that this will keep him closer to home, and the vet pretty much promises it will after the couple months it takes to clear his system of the hormones that make him so wacky.

And, sardonic person that I have grown to be, my mind turned to other males who have driven themselves to ruin or, at least, humiliation and pain for their families over this issue.  These guys, too, risked much, scrambling foolishly for “illicit adventure.”  Some of them are familiar to you….dogsall

Now, if only the solution for them was as easy is it was for me to do for Chili…I’m just sayin’…C

PS - Ooopsie!! V just reminded me I left an obvious one off the list:


maggie's garden said...

After feeling pretty bad for the pooch I LMAO at your solution for the faces at the bottom of this post. Really cute. Hope the pooch settles down a bit.

joolzmac said...

Naughty boys, all of them!


Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

ROTHFLOL!!! That WOULD be a cure! Hope Chili settles down soon... those were some dire consequences! ;)

Farmchick said...

This is too funy....Hope Chili does settle down!

Barbara said...

I knew when you stated that Chili returned that a female was involved. Years ago I had a indoor black Lab that would literally break out of the house and take off. I would ride all around St. Augustine looking for him for hours. Upon his return I noticed he had a rash you know where. Took him to the vet and was told he had the dog clap....Yes, the vet said just that....LOL...After two shots in both hips I was told they can smell a biotch (yeah I said it)LOL...over 2 miles away. My vet told me he could fix Jack, my lab but, being that he was 5 at the time he will still probably take off if he smells her in heat. Give your precious Chili a hug for me and I wish you the best and hope that it all works out and Chili stays home. Most of all I am happy Chili is home.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

never will understand how the male gender will let sexual impluses totally ruin their life or atleast make life hard for them:( just think with the worng head, so for being so blunt

jan said...

Your story reminds me of the Far Side cartoon with the smug younger dog in the car, and the old wise dog on the porch saying something about 'he thinks he is going to get tutored...'

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

poor guy..but looks like he couldn't help himself...

the Tiger Woods of dog world

hopefully he'll settle down

happy valentines, my friends


Vickie said...

I had a feeling that Chili was "courting". Our lab used to do that, too. Hope he settles down now and acts like a good boy.

I think that same consequence for some humans I know would be a very good solution!

kath001 said...

Even on a hundred acres, I won't let ours run loose...anymore. I saw one coming up the hill toward home from my kitchen window once, and could tell something was really wrong. I went out and looked him over and found a bullet hole. He must have been bothering some neighboring rancher's cattle or something. I don't know who did it, and I don't want to. But it broke my heart...and ruined all the fun for all our dogs since.

I'm glad Chili is home safe and somewhat sound. :)

KathyB. said...

Boy, I might even call Chili's adventures "catting around", those naughty boys. At least Chili can legitimately claim he is a slave to his animal instincts, the other bad boys you pictured know better, to their shame and their families' sorrow.

troutay said...

I don't want to add a negative here, but sometimes dogs "run" deer.

Hopefully Chili is having "fun" in his run and not pestering poor critters

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Just FYI: bought a book at Walmart... I Taught Myself To Knit. Go for it girl! LOL! I do primitive rug hooking, too. It is on the back burner for my knitting obsession right now!

Kitty said...

You had reason to be concerned, he looked ever-so thin in those photos, poor lamb.

I love your blog, it resonates a lot of what went on in bits of MY life.

Kind and warm regards, Kitty

Iron Needles said...

Animals! Letting the little 'one' do the thinking for 'em...just like the dogs...

I am glad there are some civilized, thinking ones amoung the two-footed species.

And there are.

addhumorandfaith said...

What a great comparison. Too bad "altered" wasn't tried for the others too!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Your vet is just as humerous as you! Great post. Hope Chili has recuperated AND settled down. I'm afraid these other guys have not. laurie

Janera said...

What? No ex-husband in the mosaic?

Sorry, could not resist. Just couldn't.

Poor Chili! At least his "hostess" could share a bite of kibble with him when he goes to visit, no?

Jody Blue said...

I bet their wives would love to have them "altered" Hope your boy stays close to home from now on.

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