Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Monday, November 25, 2013

C: Pay It Forward at the Starbuck’s Window

starbucksA couple days ago Son was in the car with me.  We had both had a tough day and decided that we “deserved” a Starbuck’s treat.  This something I do not do very often, and after I had placed the order at the drive-thru speaker, I remembered why.

Your total is $9.98,” the voice announced.  ten dollars

Wow!  Almost ten Dollars for the two of us!  Yes, the coffees were “specialty” coffees.  Yes, Son had a baked treat, too.  But, still, it was more than I had expected.

We were in line behind two cars.  The topic of conversation as we waited was the above…expensive!

starbucks2When it was my turn, we rolled up to the window.  I had my ten-dollar bill ready for the clerk.   I could see our order awaiting us 

The sales girl smiled and said, “The lady ahead of you paid for your order!”

I looked up in time to see the white car pull slowly around the corner.  I could see the driver well enough to know that I had never met her.  I looked back at the sales clerk.

Did she say she knew me?” I asked, puzzled.

No, ma'am, she just asked how much your order was and then handed me the money.” 

She could see my bewilderment, so she added, “You know, this is not rare.  It doesn’t happen every day, but it happens often enough that none of us are shocked by it any more.  I think it’s nice.”pay it forward

And, she’s right.  It is nice. 

Son and I talked about it a good bit as we drove down the road.  It did, indeed, lighten our spirits.  It was not the money—yes, ten bucks was a lot for a caffeine treat, but not that much.  It made us feel better than even the ten dollars justified.  It really was a lot of good will bang for that lady’s bucks—all ten of ‘em.

It inspired us, and we both resolved to do it for the person behind us next time we drive through.  In fact, both of us said we would do it soon—a special trip to Starbucks just to do this kindness.  We both crave the goodwill warmth we felt and know that it will be even warmer when it is us doing the giving.

So, I guepay it forward 2ss, it actually will be double the kindness if we follow through, because we won’t likely be together in line for a while.  So there will be two purchases borne of this one act of kindness.  Nice multiplication.

I think this kind of spontaneous joy spreading is especially appropriate this time of year!


P.S. - It’s nice to know it’s okay etiquette  to check first on total amount—I’m afraid paying for someone making a run for the whole office would break me!


Sandy Houpt said...

I do this as often as I can because you are right....it makes you feel good to know you did something nice for someone you don't know and who does not know you! Can't get better than this!!

Vee said...

That is really cool both that you received the gift and that the eat will go on.

Vee said...

the Beat will go on... LOL

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Wow, I have never had that happen before - was it at the new Starbucks on Chenal? I've been wanting to stop in and treat myself to a pumpkin spice latte--I would love to do that for someone too and yes, it is the perfect time of the year to give to others without expecting anything in return!
Cowgirl V

kath001 said...

I do this at the medical center parking garage. I always forget about needing cash to pay the parking fee, and have been caught without any more than once. I figure there is a good chance that a driver or their passenger coming out of the doctors' offices may not be feeling good, and maybe a tiny treat might brighten their day.

Joolz said...

I love this idea. I have bought a few strangers a coffee before (guys who sell magazines for homeless charities on street corners). The look of amazement when you walk up and give them a coffee is priceless.

A blogger friend of mine is doing Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - you've been 'RACK'ed! She is making up small cards which explain the RACK. You could take it into a coffee shop and give it to the cashier and say you want to buy a coffee for a random person and could she give them the card explaining the free coffee. How cool would it be? Or you could attach a small Christmas candy to the card etc.
I am going to do some of these cards too - a small bag of homemade cookies/christmas treats etc. A batch of Cinnamon sugar muffins dropped off at the nurses station at our hospital, some for our ambulance drivers too.

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