Riding Life!

Riding Life!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

V: A Home for Rikki




Do you see the happy gleam in her eye?   The wild abandon in her leap?  Her name is Rikki and I adopted her a year ago last March from a shelter at Poteau Valley, Oklahoma.  “C” and I drove several hours on a cold, blustery March day.  But it was a fun trip—we shopped and lunched at the Van Buren, AR  historic district.

  It hasn’t been easy.  She was almost two years old and had been at the shelter since she was four months old—waaay TOO long!!!  The nice lady at the shelter told me that this was pretty much her last chance.  Rikki was nervous and timid, terrified of our two cats and my husband!  She “dogged” my heels, charged at my husband trying to bite him and the poor kitties thought the little terrier was bad news!!!  I attempted to keep her in a kennel thinking she would feel safe, but she put up such a fuss I thought she was going to break her neck!  That first day she had to stay home alone, I decided to leave her in the bathroom with her comfy bed, food and water.  To my surprise, who should meet me at the front door on my return home, but a frisky little Rikki!  Going upstairs I discovered to my dismay, that she had gnawed through the door!!!  YES, chewed right through it and splinters of wood were everywhere!  Hubby was NOT pleased and suggested strongly that Rikki needed a trip back to Poteau, OK!  But just look at this face!




With some hard work and perseverance, Rikki has adjusted to our home.  She gets along with her buddy, Dudley, and is on friendly terms with the cats.  In fact she often hangs out with my sweet feline friend, Goldie!




I found Rikki on a site called http://www.petfinders.com.  Despite all the “issues” Rikki had, I strongly recommend it for potential adopters!  This site has links to most every pet shelter in the country, from teeny little country towns like Poteau Valley, OK to urban shelters.   If you’ve wondered what you could do to help during the difficult economic times and terrible weather diasters our nation has suffered this, please consider adopting a forgotten, displaced dog or cat—or both!!!  The other dog we adopted from Petfinders, was from from a neglect situation also, but did not have the personality issues Rikki has.  Of course she IS a wire haired Jack Russell Terrier!



Our daughter who lives on the farm, has had two puppies dumped on their property in the last three weeks!  The first one appears to be a Great Pyranees/Rottweiler mix.  Then last week, she hit a puppy as she pulled past the gate into their driveway. After being knocked about 15 feet, the puppy lay lifeless with blood coming from his mouth.  My daughter who was just returning from the doctor after being diagnosed with pneumonia, promptly fainted, hitting her face in the gravel road!  After awaking, she rushed the puppy to the veterinarian where they x-rayed and examined him, finding that he had bitten his tongue and had a concussion and hairline skull fracture.  The vet told her that if she would just take him home with her, they would not charge her for the x-rays and shots of cortisone for swelling. The problem is that people are bringing pets in and not picking them up!  So a labradoodle (the one on the left) now joins their menagerie of five dogs!  These boys are going to be BIG dogs!  Our family loves pups and dogs love farm life, but daughter says they are hoping no one dumps anymore dogs at their place anytime soon!



As for now, these lucky pups are enjoying their new home.  Too bad and so sad that so many others remain homeless!


kath001 said...

We had a sweet little Jack Russel named Fergus...and Rikki looks EXACTLY like him, right down to her markings! Makes me miss him, but he had a good life. He was best friends with our old orange cat, Bart. I'd like to have another JR someday, but we have three big dogs right now, and don't need one more.

Out of curiosity, does Rikki have any skin allergies? Fergus had terrible reaction to fleas and grass, and some dog foods. He got a little high maintenance in his old age, but totally worth it. He was so good at bath time, and when he had to have eye and ear drops.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hi Kath!
Rikki doesn't seem to have any skin allergies, but she does have a sensitive digestive tract!!! She seems to be doing well on a lamb meal food with no corn.

Zuzana said...

Oh, that top picture is great! t shows so much joy and so much spirit and strength in that little dog.;)
I had to laugh reading that she chew her way through the door, animals are amazing.
What a beuatiful story, full of affection about your encounter and love for a special Jack Russel.;))

Vivianne said...

I can't believe a dog as cute as Rikki had to wait so long for a home ! Rescue dogs can be a challenge, but the eventual rewards are SO worth it :-)

Vee said...

Oh your poor daughter! Hope that she is well on the mend and that her little family of dogs stops at five. Wow. She must be a saint.

Glad that Rikki is working out for you and your family. What a story! I can see why your hubby was concerned.

God bless all those who have hearts for animals.

Happyone : ) said...

Wow, I never heard of a dog chewing right through a door!
I'm glad things have worked out and and Rikki now has a home. : )
Hope your daughter is okay now after all that. How caring to give all the animals a nice home.

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