Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Saturday, September 25, 2010

C: What I Need

Ah, another week has drawn to a close.  Has it?  Well, I’ll be working today, although it is Saturday, so it seems that my week is not actually over.  That’s hballse in the airow hectic the week has been.  But it’s fine—there are many folks who have no work.  And, too, I relish the time on Saturdays without the interruptions of the ringing phones, the drop-in clients, the staff questions. 

This week was so busy that I found myself saying to my assistant, “Could someone give me just one more ball to keep in the air?  Bet I could do it!”  She felt the same.

No, Saturdays offer pure, uninterrupted thought and work time.  I actually enjoy that.  It is when I can act upon my work rather than simply react to demands of others, if that makes sense.  And I won’t be there all day.  On Saturdays I can get done in three hours what I might accomplish in a full usual day—or more.

The downside to working on Saturdays is the lack of work that gets done around here.  I had determined to clean up my porches this weekend, and maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow.  But that’s the kind of thing that will go to the wayside and it does wear at me that those things go neglected.  Can’t be helped; I must, after all, earn a living.

This week my two women associates and I went to a luncheon for mansion about 200 women at the Governor’s Mansion.  (Ahem, that would be luncheon, you guys, not lunch).  It was a “la-de-da-with-little-finger-extended” kind of deal.  Everything was perfect, perfect, from the immaculately-kept grounds, to the smiling staff who ushered to our tables and took care of our every whim, to the delicate, almost see-through china, and a wonderful salad that I am going to try to replicate and share with you (iceberg topped with a marinated bean type of thing—I find myself thinking about it).

Anyway, I was sitting there, trying to enjoy the program while fidgeting about needing to be back at the office, when it occurred to me!  What I need is staff!

Oh, I have great staff at work, and they make my professional life possible.  The office, while not quite under control, fairly hums with at least efficient progress toward control.  My home, however, well, that’s a different story.

Yes, home staff would solve all my needs.  First of all, I need (sooooo badly) a gardener.  I never really enjoyed gardening to begin with, but keeping up eleven acres is just more than I can do.  My next-door neighbor has kept the wild beaten back by mowing for me this summer.  But the finer points of my flower beds have gone undone.  Yes, the first thing I’d like is a gardener to tame the edges of my house into submission…maid

And a maid.  Yep.  Definitely, I need a maid.  First, I’d have to the clean the house up; but a maid to do the vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms…well, that would be divine.  I’d even dispense with the necessity that she wear a uniform!

A cook would be good—just for dinner, since I’m gone from before daylight.  I love to cook, but more and more I find myself coming home, drained, and opening a can.  I was talking to V the other night on the phone as I dined.  “What are you having?”  V asked.

Canned hot tamales,” I answered.

And V, bless her, said “Ummmm! Hormel?”  Yes, she knows “good.”

But wouldn’t it be great to come home to a “balanced” meal.  [It must be said here that often I find one waiting on me at MIL’s on the way home, so I can’t complain too much].

butler And, while I’m dreaming, a butler could serve well, too.  When I’m sitting at the end of the day with my feet up, wiped out, and the phone rings or someone comes to the door, he’d say, “I’ll see if Madame is at home….”  [I actually have this service at work, but they refuse to do the “Madame” part…]

And, I suppose, the butler would be the one who would refresh my emptying wine glass…

But, then, where would he be when I didn’t need him?  Sitting on the sofa watching the news with me?  Nah, scratch the butler.

Yes, the Governor’s Mansion was insight for me into what gracious home living could be.

But, in the meantime, I’ll hit-and-miss around here, sans staff, knowing I’m blessed beyond all I have the right to expect.  C


Karen said...

Funny post...but can I tell you.. I have often thought of the lifestyles of the truly rich..and their propensity to life with "staff". I wouldn't like it. I don't want to live in the presence of people who are not my family on a daily basis. Having someone "wait" on me would never feel right.

I would LOVE, however, to have someone come to my house just once a week to dust, vacuum and scrub the bathrooms. Yeah, that would be nice.

And If I could just get my husband to cook one meal a week.. that would be nice too.

Still dreaming...

kath001 said...

Periodically the though crosses my mind that what I really need is a wife! My husband may have a completely different perspective. :)

joolzmac said...

...and that is why I have a lovely lady who comes to my house and mops my large area of tiled floors, vacuums through and cleans my 2 bathrooms. I go to work 5 days a week (at our business) so I am not home on the couch reading magazines all day so I think it is justified to have that help. I call it my 'Holly-day' (her name's Holly). When I come home the house smells fresh and I know there are no dust bunnies lurking and the bathrooms sparkle like they did when we built this house 6 years ago. It takes her about 2 hours and it costs $40!

Cheers - Joolz

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Yes, Karen, I would feel weird too having employees in my home! My son did some window tinting at the home of a well known wealthy family here--"mom, they had a butler and a secretary in the house, he marveled. And I'm with Kath--maybe I just need a wife!!! LOL And Jooz--you have a bargain!!! My daughter pays LOTS more than that for her housekeeper and they don't even do dishes or laundry!!
Stick Horse Cowgirl V

Sandra said...

Ha Ha. I have a friend who when she went back to work full-time, she said, "You know what I need? A WIFE!"

gaelikaa said...

One of our Indian celebrities recently said 'a good maid solves many domestic problems' and I thought 'how true!'

Anonymous said...

I tell my kids that's the reason I had kids! Now that they are adults, I hear them telling others about what "slaves" they were. I reply, "Yep, I taught you well." I miss them; I have to do all the grunt work now. I should say I CHOOSE TO DO all the grunt work now. :) But, I could go for the gardner, for sure.

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