Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Saturday, September 11, 2010

C: This made me smile…

Well, it made me chuckle out loud, actually.  I am so in awe of creativity.  I tend to live in the “concrete,” and when I see something like this, it makes me scratch my head at how someone can be so creative!  So, please meet: Marcel the Shell (with shoes on!):

Have a Great Weekend! C


Vee said...

Okay, it made me laugh, too. That lint dog on a hair leash...bwahhhhhhahahahha...I'm sending it to my quirky niece. She'll love it!

kath001 said...

We don't fight unless we're provoked...:)

Zuzana said...

This was great, it looked somehow so real.;) It was funny and a bit odd, but cute.;) Loved the lint dog, hehe.;)
Have a lovely Sunday,

Happyone :-) said...

I liked the lint dog too! :-) It did make me laugh.

KathySue said...

I love the sweet little voice! This definitely made me laugh...much needed laugh!

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