Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Sunday, September 12, 2010

C: Of Crows and Foxes - Comfort from the Unexpected

blahs Ever have a “blah” day and you just don’t know why?  Mine started out that way yesterday (Saturday). 

Oh, I have plenty I could get all depressed about, but most of those things that come to mind are those I’ve already worked through.  They just aren’t the good depression material that they used to be.  As I went through my usual depression-causes list, I realized there was not a single one of them that fit yesterday. 

Hmmmm, must search for some other justification for being depressed.

Well, I’ll tell you, I never did find it.  And I could see a silver lining there—being somewhat depressed for no real reason probably beats being depressed because there’s something serious going on.

I was thinking about this as I was driving in to do a little work (no, it’s not weekend work that has me depressed—I’m thankful for my work).  As you travel between my home and town, you pass through what we call “the hollow.”  It is a beautiful, inclined section of our country road completely encased for about a mile in deep woods.  The trees meet over the road, and it is lovely in every season.  All of us out here dread the day when development will take the hollow away from us and, believe me, that day is approaching.  We know that the forest there is teeming with wildlife because, sadly, so many little animals don’t make it across the road.

This morning as I was driving through, a quick movement to the right of the road caught my attention.  I slowed, and right in front of me scurried a beautiful red fox.  He virtually leaped into the forest on the other side, disappearing as if by magic; an apt word, for the moment was, truly, magical.

I am so enthralled with this creature that a search for pictures resembling him demanded more than one…


Have you ever seen a red fox for real?  They are just gorgeous.  I thought about him/her as I drove on, realizing that his movements reminded me more of a cat than a dog.  I marveled at his full tail with a white tip and his deep color. 

It dawned on me that I was no longer depressed.  At all.  Why?  That fox had nothing to do with anything concrete in my life.  It had no power to increase my wealth or tame my problems.  If I ever see it again, it will be a miracle.  So, why the curative effect?

All this thinking made me recall what may be my favorite poem.  When folks talk about reciting poetry I always think of this simple little verse and, when I am not thinking of its sentiment, I am marveling with its agility of words--envious.  It seemed perfect for the subject of this post.  It is called “Dust of Snow” by Robert Frost.


And that is just what the fox did for me.  It saved me from my ruing.  It made my day better.

Inexplicable.  Just as inexplicable as the mysterious cause of my depression is the curative power of simple awe of God’s world.  C

PS – I actually wrote this post yesterday, knowing I would publish it this morning.  Last night my good friends from next door (midlife country girl) took me out to dinner.  We ate waaaaaay too much had the best time!  On the way home through the dark what did we see scurry across the road through the headlights?  A beautiful red fox!  That would be two in one day!!!  What can this mean?  Is it a sign? Surely something good!


Vee said...

:D You are so right, a red fox is an incredibly handsome fellow! We have one frequenting the lower road...I think it's the river he wants to be near. I worry that he'll get rabies so I've prayed for him to be well all summer.

Love the description of your hollow. We have places like that and it is utterly magical. I hope that it will remain for years to come. Here, they cut many such places back after the big ice storm and continue to keep the branches cut back. But who doesn't love passing under those branches and through that tunnel?

Interesting take on the blahs...we're told that simply smiling will change brain chemistry and help us feel better. You probably smiled a lot that day...keep right on.

And Robert Frost knew a great deal about the blahs and, having the gift of poetry, he could share his thoughts in the most concise of ways. I've not read this one for a long time and so I thank you for the reminder.

Kat_RN said...

Thank you, I know exactly what you mean. One of the (many) reasons I love living where I do, is that magic. I am an RN and sometimes my job can be emotionally rough, it takes the 25 minute drive through beautiful country side to bring me back to hope.
As for crows, we have a thriving flock here. Whenever I start to take things to seriously, all I have to do is step outside for a few minutes and listen to them laughing. I think I will reprint that poem and frame it. (you don't mind do you?)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

This is such a wonderful Post "C"! I have felt the inexplicable "blahs" many times! And the hollow--it has so many memories for me--I'm thinkin up a post right now! Thanks!

kath001 said...

So true! The feelings of being blessed by your sightings, and the memories thereof, will far outlast those of the doldrums.

Anonymous said...

We have a red fox that runs our yard .
They are beautiful. I used to feed one every night by putting bread out for him /her. Then watched as they came and retrived the bread.
and you are right about the hollow . As the leaves turn this fall God puts his paint brush in his hand and spread the colors around. It is so very pretty. we are lucky to be able to drive through it each day.

Packrat said...

Such a beautiful post. Truly, I think most of us get the blahs once in a while.

We don't have very many foxes in our area, so seeing one is extremely rare. I have been lucky enough to see a few in my life time.

Happyone :-) said...

Yes, I have seen a fox on many of my morning walks. I saw one with her baby one time. :-)
If I'm depressed I walk. It works for me. I think that's why I like stating my day with a walk. Makes me feel good all day!

panamamama said...

What a gorgeous post. You said what I've been feeling lately (the rue-ing part) and now I'm looking for something to brighten mine up. Is there nothing more grounding than seeing something truly beautiful, like the fox, that just makes us smile? I think the change of seasons makes some of us (me) a bit moody.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for my ed fox today!

Anonymous said...

Im looking for my red fox today!

KathySue said...

God has surrounded us with beauty, but we are not always "looking" to find it. Sometimes we have what I call "cataract vision"...clouded by the lack of hope or distorted by anger and bitterness. I have been there...been in such a state that I ignored the beauty of a red fox and only saw some animal. Thankful that those times have been few! Most of the time I am thoroughly amused and delighted to catch a glimpse of any woodland creature! And you are right, the red fox is quite pleasing to see.

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