Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

C: Putting My Best Foot Forward

Let me tell you about my yesterday morning:  I was ginning Never-check-e-mail-in-the-morningaround, getting ready, leisurely, for work.  I made the grave mistake of checking e  mail and found one from my soon-to-be-ex that discombobulated me.  I see some enterprising author has written a whole book on this subject; must check it out.

I’m always telling my clients, “Don’t let him get to you…just shake it off.”  Well, let me tell you: easier said than done.

Anyway, the morning kept creeping by as I stewed and carefully crafted a reply, and suddenly I realized that I HAD to get out the door.  A trial awaited. 

shoes Being a Southern girl, I always put my shoes on last thing, preferring to pad around barefoot til the last moment.  I ran to the closet and, not bothering to turn on the light, grabbed a pair of shoes, shoved them on and headed out the door.

Now, recall that I live about 15 miles out of town.  As I drove down the road, I made my morning wake-up call to MIL, thought about the plans for the busy, busy day, and something shoved itself to the forefront of my brain.

Little Voice said to me, “By the way, just which cubby-hole did you snatch those shoes from?” [Insert “Gong” sound here].  I looked down at gong my feet (no small task in my little Rav4).  Yes, it was true.  I had on chocolate brown shoes.  Do you have any idea how “bright” chocolate brown leather can look against the somber of black business trousers?

I had recently purchased two pairs of shoes—identical except one was black and one brown.  They were comfortable and affordable, so I bought two! (Very unlike me—I do not have a shoe fetish).  I had grabbed the brown instead of the black.  shoes mismatched

I flashed back to another shoe story years ago when I had arrived at church with one blue and one green shoe.  My husband had offered, “No one will notice; and if they do, they’ll think they’re supposed to be like that…” (Stupid).  It was not a good memory.  This just would not work.

I called my legal-assistant-sister, explaining what I had done, “I’m driving back home,” I said, “I’ll call when I’m nearly at the office.  You stand out on the corner and throw the file at me as I drive by on the way to the courthouse.”  (Wouldn’t my clients love to know this…Not!).

No, way,” she intoned after ascertaining my location.  “You will never make it—you will be in contempt of court.”  Hmmmmmm.  The balance: Fashion-correct shoes vs. Contempt of Court?  It was weighing heavily toward fashion faux pas for me.  What to do???

My ever-resourceful sister came up with the solution (her wisdom-in-a-walmart pinch probably born of having 4 kids), “Run in Walmart. It’s on the way!”

Bingo!  That’s just what I did.  And I purchased a pair of black shoes for a little-of-nothing.  They won’t put me on the “best-dressed” list  (nothing can), but at least they did not “stand out.”  And they allowed me to stroll into the Courtroom supremely confident.

So, thanks to our 24-7 shopping world, which I often decry as symbolic of our fast-paced life, hypocrite that I am.  I guess it just depends on the moment and the need, doesn’t it?  Right now I’m very grateful for 24/7—and the shoes felt great!  C


Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I know... on one hand stores like Walmart have hurt small business owners... on the other, they provide great convenience for the consumer. Sometimes we NEED that. Resourceful thinking on your sister's part.

Debbie said...

Good story!I agree; I don't have a shoe fetish, but I do have a comfort fetish and I too have bought my favorite comfies in two colors:)

Mamma has spoken said...

That reminds me of my son who is BIG into what is fashionable with what. I never knew you didn't wear black shoes with brown nor brown shoes with black. I do now thanks to him and his, "MOM YOU"RE NOT GOING TO WEAR THAT ARE YOU?"

Vee said...

Perfect solution! Thank goodness for quick thinking sisters. I'm going to pass along the title of that book to my mother who is in desperate need of it. Thanks!

Rue said...

I think I need to get that book for Rich LOLOLOL

Seriously though, I'm glad it all worked out :)


Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the days when I wore high heels to work -- now it's "European Comfort Shoes" -- I hit a small patch of ice and gently slid off the road. As I got out of the car, I saw I had a blue shoe and a black shoe. Like you, I had bought identical pairs. You had good advice!

carla said...

Wal-Mart saves the day again.

Without going into that whole big-bad-corporation business, I'll just say that they've saved me a ton of money over the years and have been a huge convenience when travelling. Like when we were bringing a bed home and it started to rain. Run in and get a tarp. Hooray! I shop locally quite a bit, but I shop at Wal-Mart for things I can't get in my town.

And once when we were on our way to Oklahoma to attend a family funeral I realized that I hadn't put on any earrings when we left home at dark thirty. Stopped at Wal-Mart and got some right on the way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well I actually WENT into Wal-Mart with mismatched shoes...and hid behind a display hoping no one would notice. Like who would notice!? I've seen lots worse things in Wal-Mart than mismatched shoes!!! Glad you made a good presentation in court! Judge: I find you, Counselor, in contempt of court for mismatched shoes! I hereby sentence you to work in Wal-Mart's shoe department until every pair is sold!

jan said...

I once found myself with navy shoes and black tights - and a green plaid dress. It was not pretty. Unfortunatly, I did not discover the error until I was at work, so I had to hide my feet all day long...

Ayak said...

I read so much about Walmart...good and bad. I kind of wish we had an equivalent here. Seems to solve the odd problem efficiently and inexpensively.

Monalisa said...

Just stick with buying black shoes every time, you can't go wrong...
I've left an award for you on my blog.

Zuzana said...

Great post!;) I too put on my shoes as the last thing I do before going to work.;) I do not recall having ever put on the wrong shoes or different ones by mistake though.;) Sometimes I just wear some that I really do not like and the whole day is off.;)
Lucky you that have 24/7 stores, still a rarity in Denmark;)

Katharine said...

Hahahaha! Thanks for sharing your day. I'm so glad it turned a corner to something better after starting off... you know... on the wrong foot.

Jody Blue said...

Wise assistant you have...she deserves a nice coffee brought in to her some morning. Northern girls also put our shoes on just as we walk out the door...its just that we have to take off our sheep skin slippers first for 10 months of the year...the other 2 we do it just like you all:)

Laura said...

I went to work with a brown and a black shoe on once, I was able to stop in Walgreens and get a cheap pair of plastic clogs, since I am a nurse I was able to get away with it but I felt so dumb just walking into the store with two different shoes on. We all have those days.

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