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Riding Life!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Bet you thought this was going to be about some “ah-ha” moment in my life where I realized what is important versus the “little things.” Or where I finally understand how to juggle my busy workload and social life and home upkeep (which usually fall in exactly that order). Not so! This post is, rather, about the no-small-thing topic of striking the right mix of bed linens, a topic that is on my mind on these cold winter mornings.

Bed linens (We call 'em “covers” in the South) are a big issue with me. I CANNOT sleep without the right ones. Do you know people who can sleep atop all bedding? You know, on a hot summer night, they lie exposed to the world with nary a sheet covering them? Are you one of them? Not me, I can tell you right now. I simply do not understand how someone can sleep that way—why, anything at all could get you! I must have something over me to sleep or I feel very insecure. Like, if a vampire was going to bite me, it would be because I don’t have a sheet over me. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s the way I am. See this idiot girl in the poster from the Christopher Lee movie? If she'd been home in bed with the covers up to her neck, she probably would not be in this predicament

So, while I may not make my bed every morning, I make certain to have the right mix of covers for maximum comfort...and safety.

In the summertime, I use a light quilt. I must have some weight on me--a sheet really does not suffice (remember, we are guarding ourselves through the night...and through suspended consciousness). I find that even if I don't shove the air conditioner down in the summer, I can still stay cool enough under a cotton quilt if the ceiling fan is going. (And I can probably write a whole 'nother post on the subject of fans at night. Do any of you remember the comforting whirrrrrrr of an attic fan like we used to have in my childhood home?).

But winter is when the cover mix becomes really important. You want a bed that will keep you cozy warm, but still weight is an issue--not too much, not too thick! The reason I am writing this now is because I woke up this morning realizing that my bed is "heaven" on this cold morning because I have struck just the right balance. Which, I guess, does make this an "aha" moment post after all...

Many of you out there might like the down comforter. In fact, I have seen some talk, with a "sniff," about their expensive down comforters as if it is the zenith of somnolence. They're okay...but down comforters remind me of marshmallows. They have lots of fluff but not a lot of substance. For those of you who don't need some weight atop you to remind you that you're protected, I suppose this would be the ticket. I think they provide lots of warmth with little weight. And you can burrow in a comfortor, that's for sure.

For me, however, the key is layering. First, there are the sheets. I really treat myself to sheets--no skimping here. These are 600 thread count, and they are divine. They are the foundation for comfortable covers in my book. It sounds decadent, but you'd be surprised how reasonably-priced they can be if you keep your eyes peeled throughout the year. I have found great deals on great sheets at Sam's and Tuesday Morning, to mention a few places.

After the top sheet goes on, then I use a thin cotton quilt. Then, on top of this, is another thin quilted coverlet--the one I use as my decorative bed cover. Then, finally, I fold up another thin quilt across the foot of the bed in case I get chilly in the night.

This is sufficient, but not too much weight, and, with a cute pair of sleep socks (which come off about a third of the way through the night) I never get cold, even though I keep the thermostate at 66 during the night! See? Balance!

I'm so happy about this, that I made my bed this morning!! It is so very deserving, after all! Here ya' go--bed made but otherwise unstaged...as I look at this picture, I'd tidy up that night stand...nah! Take me as I am!

Okay, now that I've revealed one of my idiosyncracies, what is your sleep silliness? C

PS - I have to mention, too, the importance of mattress. Last spring, after finding that wayward Hubby, ahem, "visited" my old mattress with his new friend (what kind of woman does that, anway? Never mind...), I decided a switch was in order. I bought myself a spare-no-expense wonderful pillow top mattress. It is so snuggly and comfortable, that I find myself thinking of it during the day. In fairness, it must be said, my mother and MIL, when they have slept over and used the other side of this mattress, have complained because they can't turn over on it because of the pillow top. I, however, have no such complaints. It's wonderful!

PSS - And now I find myself "tee-heeing" to think that I have the nerve to publish this on the worldwide web like someone really cares what C does to have a good night's sleep! But, here's the thing: as I wrote this morning, I was thinking "Wonder what sleep habits I'm going to discover in the comments?" Such is the world of blogging.


T said...

So agree with you about the weight thing. I must "feel" my covers, but not be strangled by them! And in the summer, a sheet is a must - otherwise you're just neeked!

I must disagree with you about the sock thing though. I can't sleep with anything on my feet! In fact, I generally start out the night with on foot out of the covers - no joke.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

As a public safety announcement, I feel I must make a comment to T's comment--and have visited her site and done so as well: If you sleep with a foot outside the covers, it might that something under the bed will reach up and drag you under...just maybe...I'm just sayin' C

Vickie said...

Oh C! How I miss the attic fan!!! I guess for security reasons now most people don't have those anymore!

I hear ya on the covers thing. (I say covers, too) A little weight is okay. Not too much. I don't sleep with socks. They bug me and I usually wind up getting hot. My feet are my temperature guage. If I get hot during the night, I stick my feet out or just drape the covers over my mid-section.

My little quirk here is that I cannot have an arm or leg or foot hanging off the edge of the bed. There is no Dracula, but there are monsters under the bed (haha) that will cut your limb off if it's not completely ON the bed. Up to the edge but No hanging over. I'm at that time in my life that I overheat quickly so a sheet is OK with me on alot of nights - 'specially in the summer.

Hubby on the other hand, is cold-natured. He loves heaps of covers and he gets so warm I have to scoot away. Also gotta have that huge giant BOX fan. I guess it's for noise. My kids have box fans, too. I think we own like 9-10. ha!

Anonymous said...

Well C I think this is an entertaining subject. I must have an electric blanket with a light coverlet over that. I have a timer on it and it comes on at 9:00 low, and when I get ready to go to bed it is just right. The timer cuts it off at 11:00 so I don't go to sleep and leave it on. I don't need it after my feet and legs get warm. BTW I wear a size 7 shoe and if one has bigger feet I guess size 7 is small. Everything is relative.

Diana said...

Ok, so what does that say about us??

I must have covers (I'm a Texan!). I can't have anything danglin' out either. NO WAY!!

Enjoyed my first visit.

carla said...

Cotton sheets; my husband swears we've had 800 thread count but I think he's wrong. The most remember is 300.

Flannel in the winter. The electric blanket over that, the thick cotton blanket on top. I have fibromyalgia and that electric blanket makes a huge difference in a good night's sleep for me. Funny, because I never wanted one when I was young.

And this is going to sound ... slatternly to some but I can't sleep well on sheets after they've been on the bed a week. They get all stretched out and gross.

Years ago I read that Jacqueline Kennedy had to had fresh sheets every time she slept. This was quite a burden on the White House maids because they had to change her sheets twice a day (she took an afternoon nap).

Now that I think about it, she may've had the sheets changed so often because of the same reason you changed your mattress.

That was outrageous of he who shall remain nameless and you were perfectly correct in buying a new mattress. I only hope it comes out of his part of the settlement.

carla said...

Boy, did you start something with this! I plum forgot about the summer thing: cotton sheets and a very thin blanket; fan on just me (husband can't stand it) and cold in the room. Colder than in the daytime.

Did you ever read "True Grit" by Charles Portis? Mattie Ross has to sleep without any cover over her in Fort Smith and gets a cold. Of course (being Mattie) she does a rant on sleeping without covers even in the summer.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Girl! You are talkin' to a woman who has to pack her pillow everywhere she goes... (and hubby makes digs about needing a whole suitcase to include bedding, too). I LOVE my own bed! Love my mattress, my mattress cover, my sheets, my light cotton weave blanket, my down alternative comforter, and my quilt!! The perfect winter weight for me! LOL! WITH the fan on year round!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh yes, I have to have covers on me -even at the risk of getting hot! I also feel too exposed to danger without a sheet covering me. We had an attic fan when I was growing up, and because of sinus problems, my husband slept with a humidifier when he was growing up. Now we have one of those air purifying machines on every night. I can't sleep without that sound now, and usually take a tabletop fan with me when I go on trips, so that I can hear that steady hum. laurie

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

I'd personally like to blow up every single fan in the world. I hate one blowing on me full time! It's like a nagging little person poking you all night long?

joolzmac said...

I like a think quilt and crisp sheets on the bed for summer. I hang a foot out the side if I get too hot (I'm getting to that self-combustion age).
Winter time, we have a thicker quilt and a nice thick blanket for really cold nights. I wear bedsocks sometimes.
I do have a ritual - I wash my feet with a hot flannel just before hopping into bed, even if I've had socks on. I like to use Body Shop peppermint foot spray too. I have lavender spray for my pillow too and that sends me off to dream land. Funny, huh?

joolzmac said...

*thin* quilt

kath001 said...

I love, love my sleep number bed (I'm a 35). In summer--crisp 100% cotton sheets with a thin coverlet on top. I prefer to have no more than 200 thread count sheets(I actually don't like them to feel too smooth), and if I win the lottery, I'd like to have them starched and ironed and changed daily. In winter--super chunky flannel sheets with a down blanket, and for the next few nights I'm going to add a quilt on top of that (so cold right now). I never thought I'd like flannel sheets, but I do. As my husband says, they don't give you that insta-chill when you first get in bed.

jan said...

I am also at the 'combustable' age and the solution for me is wool. Very light in the summer and heavier (and multiple layers) in the winter. And no sheets... I love wool!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I like my bed roomy with high count sheets! I can't bear nubby sheets or poly/cotton blend, so I also look for the sales! Have to have a light cover - sheet & maybe cotton blanket in the summer. All year round I sleep in a summer nightie (Yeah, I'm at the combustible age too--no hot flashes, just overheated in general!)I do like my lightweight down comforter-nothing heavy ! V.

KathyB. said...

YES, YES, YES!!!! I have never, ever been able to sleep uncovered atop my bed, or sofa, or sleeping bag in the tent. Something, ( yes Vampires too) will get you. I have no doubt!Of course the spiders will climb down their ceiling web threads to land on my face...the bats that live in our attic might actually get into the bedroom via the bedroom fireplace , and the vampires too...or any of the various and sundry monsters that lurk under the bed will get me if I am not covered up. Common sense people, common sense. And we all know the bed covers will protect us don't we...DON'T WE?

Ha ha, I never really put that into writing but it is how I feel, and logic will never, ever enter into this , and how on earth has 'T' managed to keep her foot with it hanging sans sock outside the covers and horrors, over the bed? I am surprised she does not know about monsters just waiting for feet to dangle naked over the bed.

This is a post subject worth pursuing because I perceive many of us have the same good sense regarding this topic,and many do not~ a public safety warning needs to be issued for all those ignorant people who disregard the danger of night visiting monsters.

Suzanne said...

You must have a cover, even in the hottest weather.

My real addiction though is my buckwheat hull pillows. They go everywhere with me - I walk through the airport carrying one. I don't leave home without it.

audrey y said...

Hey ladies; Are you sure you haven't been peeking in my exercise room, (the bedroom) when I was practicing that exact stance of the elephant in your post...it's suppose to keep us younger...don't ask


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I have to have light covers, I love down comforters, I have to have 600+ thread count, prefer Egyptian cotton:) and when I take a nap during the day I put on my pj's, when I wake I get dressed again:) I NEVER sleep without some covers on me, I agree C you never know who or what could happen laying there uncovered :) I have a sheet and electric blanket and a quilt:) Always put the setting on high to get in to bed then turn it down:)during the night, can not sleep with socks on at all!! hugs and sweet dreams:0

Protege said...

What an interesting post about such an important subject.;) Love all the pictures as well.;)
Because of the climate, I have to have a certain amount of covers when I sleep. However, when it comes to "sleeping" clothes, not so much at all.;)
Have a great Friday,

Anita said...

Hi V & C, about the sleep thing...well...our weather right now is the summer season, temps of 41 - 45 C and I still need to have a light cover on me, with one of my feet sticking out the bottom of the sheet or cover. Strange, I know, but that's how I am. If my feet get too hot then I feel like I'm cooking. We are all unique, aren't we? Kind regards, Anita.

Immigrant Daughter said...

Sleep is no problem as long as I have a bed and covers, I too like to be covered bur if it is cold I want my feet covered. I bought a new down blanket and quilt and am in bed heaven.

Vee said...

I laughed out loud at this! Okay, I so agree on many levels; the most important of which is that some covering is required, unless, of course, one is experiencing a hot flash and then all bets are off. Up here in the tundra, we're mighty pleased with our fleece sheets through about May. Fun post!

Anonymous said...

First, someone mentioned lavender spray and it reminded me that when I was a teenager when Mama would change my sheets she would sprinkle the bottom sheet with lavender sachet. I wonder if I every thanked her for that? It was a wonderful treat to get into such a sweet-smelling bed.

Regarding bedding: Summer and winter we have high-count sheets, a thin cotton woven blanket and a lightweight but thick duvet. A combination adjustable for all seasons, with a foot or two stuck out the edge if necessary to get the temperature just right!

In the summer the overhead fan on low is heaven, for the breeze AND the sound.

To me, the secret to a perfect night's sleep is a quiet, pitch black, cool room.

Re. sleepwear. Many years ago a very stylish woman in a group conversation I was in said she wore an old t-shirt to sleep in. I had never thought of that as an option, but I immediately tried it! Ever since then I have slept in old t-shirts and knit shorts. I like the idea of never being "caught in your nightclothes" if there is an emergency. (And being married to a policeman and having had teenagers, we have had LOTS of emergencies in the middle of the night over the years!)

btw, did you know that after a cotton t-shirt has been washed about 1,000 times it takes on the feel of silk? Soft as "butta" I tell you!

A fun post, C. And I really enjoyed reading the comments!

Jody Blue said...

Up here in "da nort" we call them covers also. Flannel in a must in the land that dips below -10 for days on end. A good feather tick is very weighty, so much more than the down which is reserved for summer sleeping. I'm test driving a sheep skin to see if that provides a whole new level of sleep comfort and warmth.

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