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Riding Life!
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

C: Rant Warning. Where is Our Leader????

DISCLOSURE: I did not vote for John Kerry when he ran. I have never voted for Barrack Obama, however, he is my president. I am an American. 

Day before yesterday Secretary of State John Kerry gave what I thought was a well-reasoned speech about limited intervention in Syria. I know most of you have watched with the same horror I feel as over 100,000 people have been killed in Syria's civil war. I have recoiled from the images of chemical warfare used by someone (presumably the government) on one's own homeland. What could be worth that?

I watched Secretary Kerry, searching for clues about whether I should trust him in what he was saying. He seemed to me to be a juxtaposition against his predecessor. Hillary Clinton always seemed to me to be gad flying across the face of the earth and accomplishing little. During
her speeches as Secretary of State she always looked worn, and her composure looked contrived, as if she was consciously trying to portray someone in command. Her remarks about Benghazi have angered me and revealed that she does not view that situation as I do. 

I have trust issues...

As Kerry spoke, he looked genuinely composed, in command of the facts. I softened and listened, hoping for leadership and assurance that my country was making an informed decision in this horrible situation, using information I don't have and wisdom that is worthy of national position.

In the end he convinced me. I agree that there may be a moral imperative here. I agree that Iran and others are watching. I agree that it may strengthen our security at home in the long run for evil doers out there to know that the United States is strong and full of resolve. Not that it matters in the end, but I mentally and emotionally climbed on board with Secretary Kerry and came into agreement that my country should, once again, move into the war zone. I hate it. I hate being in Afghanistan / Iraq to any extent. I just want us to all get along.
Still, if the leaders of my country think...
This assent was a shock to my family and circle of friends, knowing my political proclivities as they do.

I did have one big reservation about throwing my itty-bitty support to Secretary Kerry: The president. I have no confidence in his leadership. I believe he is pulling my country domestically down a dangerous path. I do not see him as a strong leader.
Still, there is Secretary Kerry, Secretary of Defense Hagel, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all the national security advisors. 

My mind's eyes moved back to Secretary Kerry. Yes, I decided to trust.

Then the president spoke yesterday.  To my mind he did exactly what I feared. My view is that he backpedaled on his own secretary of state. The news this morning says that he had "privately" reconsidered moving ahead without congressional approval, that his remarks were a "surprise" to his advisors and to his cabinet. Really? Who does that to his cabinet?

At the leadership level of the presidency, I believe that one should do all
his/her "dithering" behind closed doors. Upon reflection I do agree that Congressional advice and approval is needed--BUT MAKE THAT DECISION BEFORE YOU MAKE A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!! 
Do not trot out your Secretary of State to make a proclamation tantamount to limited declaration of  war until you are sure. If you can't be sure, keep your mouth shut. MAKE THE DADBLASTED DECISION then be united. Don't head off in one direction then pull off to the side--in full view of the world.

I am ashamed and embarrassed. I am no longer on board. We have no leadership, and I don't want to go to war, no matter how limited, under this kind of wishy-washing. I don't know how he can go to his upcoming summit and face the Russians who are housing a traitor who has revealed that our own President has presided over spying on his own people (ala Russia, by the way--can't you see Putin giggling?).  And now, to face Putin after this dazzling display of weenieism...

I'm back to trust issues... C  (sorry for the shouting...)

P.S. - After posting I have been watching the Sunday morning news shows--not good.   Watch Kerry now...he doesn't look so rested this morning.  Probably a rough last 24 hours.  He's a good soldier, though--this is simply not enough for me.  I think our leader does not know what he is doing. 


Vee said...

Shout, tear you hair out, put on sackcloth and ashes...there's nothing to be done here for another three years plus...except pray and support those who have some limited power to do something: Defunding the new healthscare. I've never been on board with these wienies and I never will be. (Sometimes I worry about commenting here. However, if you're willing to post it, the least I can do is "amen" it.

Vee said...


Vee said...


No more fixes...I can let it go... =D

Sparky said...

I completely agree with Vee.

And may I add, Barry (or whatever name he goes by now) is an evil man. I've never trusted him or his cronies. He hates America and Americans. All he wants is our utter destruction, at home and abroad. Now, he's succeeding through his failures. I just pray that people, especially women, will wake up and vote smarter next time. Vote Libertarian. Our only hope is smaller government and more liberties at home.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I believe Kerry and Obama went to play golf after the press crap with Syria. Whadda leader and his choice; may God have mercy on us all.

mama .bonnie said...

Agree with all the comments here too. It's going to be along three years and worse-it looks like HC is going to make a run for president. Praying that she doesn't become our first female president or it will be seven years of the same old, same old.....

Vickie said...

Hey there C - I think we're all in agreement here. No confidence in our leadership at ALL, and what little they do just shows the world that we are NOT unified and our leadership is weak and wishy-washy. Makes it easy for an outsider to find a place to gouge.
I'm saying "amen", too.

Thanks for your visit and kind words and your prayers, C. My sister has certainly been covered up in prayer these last months. I can't say thank you enough. Hope things are going well at your house. And thanks for sticking with me!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I just can't NOT comment on the hypocrisy of our President who is SO concerned about the brutality of the gassing of innocent children in Syria and unconditionally supports the violence against innocent children that occurs in Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics in our country every day. He would not even speak publically about the horrific crimes committed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell that the news media tried to ignore and refuses to support medical help for those who survive abortion. I'm not condemning women who seek abortions, by the way, because I truly feel that they are victims also who feel they have few options by a culture that too often does not provide emotional, spiritual, or tangible support.

Just came across this quote on FB by President James Madison: "If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy".
I find comfort living in a world that seems out of control, by remembering this - Human beings are NOT in control of what happens in this world. I do believe in Providence --sometimes I DO feel afraid, but try to ground myself by remembering Who is ultimately in control of world events.

Cowgirl V

Robynn's Ravings said...

Your last comment hear says it all. I think of Waco as well and all the women and children killed there. It could have been handled very differently. These wars over there have been fought for THOUSANDS of years and WE are not going to fix it ever - let alone in one fell swoop.

Anyway, saw that you had a "rant" today and so did I so it caught my eye. Mine is very different but I posted about the same thing on my Facebook today. God help us all. We are leaderless and direction-less but we have been for a long time.

Robynn's Ravings said...

hear = here

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