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Saturday, June 23, 2012

C: Please Don’t Buy This Book

riellebook There’s a new book out. Please don’t buy it.  Don’t download it to your Kindle; don’t pollute your bookshelves with a bound copy.  You can glean all you really need to know about this subject free from the internet and television. Let’s don’t line this wh**e’s pockets, please.

I’ll synopsize the highlights for you here for the twin purposes of letting off steam and perhaps costing Rielle Hunter a book sale or two.

I’ve written about this woman before.  I’ve also written about Edwards.  Neither posts are flattering and Hunter’s televised interview last night did not change my opinion. 

Hunter says she didn't give in easily to sleeping with a married man.  Apparently it took “Johnny” telling her about his three other mistresses in order for her to crawl into bed with him  that first night they met.

This thought pretty much stuns me.  Let me get this straight: Being told that he is a serial adulterer—that you will be just one in his string---is what overcomes your aversion to sleeping with a married man?  Huhspiritual advisor

We also learned that Rielle is a spiritual advisor.  I remain  unclear on her particular brand or her credentials, but she moved to New York to further her career in spiritual advice.

She only got involved with Edwards, she says, because she thought she could help him.  Spiritually.  Can’t you just hear the aides when they saw the “Do Not Disturb” sign on Edwards’ hotel  room door?


spiritual advisor cartoon

As any good spiritual advisor would, she demanded truth from Johnny.  Noting that he was a professed liar by virtue of the fact that he had all these women on a string, she said:  “I told him that if I was going to help him, he couldn't lie to me. He said that wasn't a problem, and when he said that, I felt a wave of total relief roll off of him.”  Yes, because clearly him saying that is a sure sign that he has suddenly become an honest person.  See how effective Rielle’s spiritual help is?

If spiritual assistance was not justification enough, Rielle offers this: “I realized how far off the rails his marriage was.”  Remember, Rielle has only Johnny’s word about all this.

It is apparently required that a cheater must demonize his wife and allow the new lover to do the same.  Hunter calls Elizabeth 'crazy,' 'venomous' and a 'witch on wheels.' She says Elizabeth’s abusive behavior toward John drove him into the arms of other women.  Right, because his megalomania was not enough to do that.  Remember, Elizabeth was DYING OF CANCER through this. And, again, she only has the newly-honest Johnny’s word on this.

Then I almost got whiplash to find her saying:"Elizabeth is the mother to my daughter’s siblings. She is, indirectly, now my family…I have a great deal of compassion and empathy for her suffering; I have no desire to bash Elizabeth."  

I found myself hoping that Elizabeth has the power to haunt this wh**e.

Yes, Rielle cares, deeply; and especially for Johnny’s other children.  Look at this:

Hunter also met Edwards' two young children, at his insistence, just a month and a half after they started sleeping together.  Johnny brought his children Emma Claire and Jack, age six and eight at the time, to a mall -- without his wife -- where he introduced them to his new mistress. 


Why do men do this kind of thing?  It feels akin to when they take their lovers into their wives’ homes—something that happens all the time.

There are pictures on the internet showing Rielle and edwardsriellequinn Johnny openly together, now that Edwards has escaped federal prison for rooky-dooing old Bunny Mellon of hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance his affair.  They recently enjoyed a pricey vacation on the beach, a happy family now that Elizabeth and the pesky federal prosecutor are out of the way.

Rielle says that the long-term prospects for their relationship are uncertain. Marriage might not be on the horizon because "I’m not a big fan of the institution."  No shocker there.

She recounts her financial woes through this ordeal, all blamed on Elizabeth. As she ran low on money Rielle got an email from what she calls "Team Edwards" — John and Elizabeth and their attorneys — as Hunter was ready to move into a house there that the Edwardses had arranged to buy she was informed she’d first have to sign a child-support agreement. "One of their demands was to charge me rent on the house they had just bought for Quinn. The rent was to be taken out of the child support, which would have left us with almost nothing to live on.”  I have a piece of advice for someone in this position:  Get a job…

It may be hard for a reader to believe that there is so much more to say on this subject than this long-winded post can contain.  I am curtailing…with effort.

But I cannot end without publishing the statement that Elizabeth Edwards’ family and friends issued in response to this book and interview:

All of us who knew and loved Elizabeth find it unfortunate that the character of this wonderful woman is being falsely criticized by someone who never knew her. Those who knew Elizabeth knew a kind, generous, brilliant woman who did not suffer fools. She was, for good reason, greatly admired by those who knew her speeches, her writings, and the wise counsel she gave to so many, so often. The memory of her wit, her heart, and her kindness will remain, for millions, untarnished, and especially so for her children, from whom she was taken too soon.

Now, I ask you, who are you gonna believe?  A two-bit, fake spiritualist wh**e and an admitted lying cheating scumbag?  Or do you choose to believe those who knew Elizabeth and have come to her posthumous defense?



Vee said...

I'm going to believe neither one of them. I watched about thirty seconds of that interview, spouted my naughty word, and left the room. Gotta feel sorry for the children...ALL of them.

Vee said...

Oh, forgot to say that I definitely won't be buying the book. ☺

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You have articulated so well the exact things that my co-workers and I were discussing yesterday as we read the article about her in People magazine. Even the way she dressed for the interview last evening shows her lack of character and class--Which by the way, I only watched a few minutes of. I hope 'Johnny' is saving his money for therapy for their daughter!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Very good post. Amen to it all. I hope the book fails to produce income, but these days trash sells. :/

Mamma has spoken said...

total agreement here! But you did forget to add that 'Johnny' wasn't the one with the money, Elizabeth was. She should have been happy with what she got instead of crying about not getting it all.
I have no respect for her.

Karen said...

I can't stand how she has attacked Elizabeth in snide little ways... disgusting, really. Rielle.. or whatever your name is... you SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN! SHE WAS HIS WIFE!!! SHE HAD CANCER, AND SHE DIED OF IT... SHOW.. SOME... RESPECT.

What are her CHILDREN supposed to think of the public scrutiny of their mother's supposed behavior.. are they EVER supposed to even LIKE her after this behavior? HAS THIS WOMAN GOT ANY CLASS AT ALL???.... The answer is no.

Karen said...

I mean are they ever supposed to like RIELLE... after how she has dissed their mother in public. That didn't sound right.

kath001 said...

"[Elizabeth was] a kind, generous, brilliant woman who did not suffer fools."

I think she suffered that fool of of a husband of hers for FAR too long. I was surprised to see his daughter at his side during/after the trial. I just don't get it...how can she continue to stand by him? The briefest glimpse of his ultra boy-next-door face makes me want to spew.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

The gall of this woman is audacious! She is so brazen and unrepentant it is unbelievable. She has no shame, and that is a scary thing. I don't belive John Edward's little sympathy show after his trial either. He is a lier and a sham. These shallow people deserve each other!
Oh, by the way, Ms. Hunter is into Eastern religion, I have read.
Great post "C"!

Cowgirl V

KathyB. said...

To his credit, the man who interviewed her seemed to show distaste during it, and I too hope no one pollutes their bookshelf, or kindle with this trash.Rielle justifying and then profiting from adultery, and the family destructive actions, not to mention trying to give a positive spin on Edwards' affair while his wife was dying of cancer just sickens me.I did not watch more than a minute or two about this, and even then, it was on FOX news. I don't like anyone collecting data from satellite t.v. to think for a minute I will watch this trash.

Thanks again for the right perspective on this.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

It is so amazing at how folks like this can be upheld in public, yet teens who make mistakes have a record and bad rap for a lifetime.

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