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Riding Life!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

C: A Heart of Mercy

cats in woods I just really have to let you in on the kind of heart V has.  Last October we had a wonderful gathering in honor of her grandson’s first birthday.  The party was held at a park under a pavilion near a river and surrounded by woods.  We had a wonderful, beautiful day.

As we ate, we noticed two young cats furtively watching us from the edge of the woods, occasionally inching closer and then disappearing back into the forest line.  (These pictures are not the cats of whom I speak, but I thought since I am on a cat theme, I’d use them anyway…)

V began to take food out toward them and before we left, we saw them eat.cats in woods 2

But those cats, clearly abandoned to their own devices, weighed on V’s heart.  Since that day, most days she drives miles out of her way to feed these cats, usually after a hard day’s work.  She goes out on weekends, too.  Cats have to eat then, too.

She worried about them when we were out of town.

As word has gotten out, five cats have been counted.  Last night she says they were waiting on her.

V cannot catch them because of their skittishness. Who can blame them?  Being dropped off and abandoned to possible starvation is no recommendation for trusting people.

The nights are getting colder now, really cold, and we know that they depend on every scrap they can get.  V has worried even more about them.  She has contacted a local organization about getting live traps and taking them in to a shelter.  The bad news is that these folks have no more room for catcats in woods 3s.  They will provide food but cannot take them in.

No room at the Inn.

V’s plan is to feed them through until Spring and and warm weather, capture them, beginning with the males, and have them neutered.  This organization will pay for the operations.  We will then have to release them back in the park, as neither of us can take them.  V has several cats of her own and I have a Chili dog who would love to get his mouth around their necks—just can’t seem to get that prey drive out of him.

At least the neutered cats won’t be able to add to the population.

And I just can’t help but scowl right now as I am writing this at the thought of heartless people who do the despicable and drop these animals off like this. 

But I did want to praise V’s heart of mercy.  C


Vee said...

She truly does have the gift of mercy. Such a sad thing for people to do. It is heartening to know that this agency will help as much as they are able.

Vickie said...

Aww, sweet V. Those kitties don't even know how lucky they are. I have not much respect for people who have no care for their animals and drop them off. I have a drop-off kitty right now who we took in, fed, spayed, got her shots and have tried to keep her inside with us. She is sweet, but because of my bad allergies, we're going to have to find her another home. But it will NOT and NEVER be dropped off! She will stay with us until we can find a good home for her. Those people should be strung up - they know there are people like V that will pick up their slack OR they just flat don't care.

who said...

the indigenous people of North America had many uses for Cammas (the purple flowers in your image)

Ayak said...

It's so kind of V to do this. Cats in this country are not kept as pets..they are all feral. They live on scraps out of rubbish bins. I've tried "adopting" one or two in the past but they just can't be domesticated. They do survive though...along with the many street dogs. Those of us who care enough make sure we leave scraps by the side of the bins for them...and always water...essential.

KathyB. said...

How kind of her, and what a good friend you are. There is a good chance the cats are not all drop-offs, but the young of feral cats, now grown and adding to the feral cat population themselves.I have read that neutering and spaying them and returning them to the place they were trapped actually does help, as the fixed cats protect and occupy the space that would be taken over by other cats if they were ( fixed cats ) removed. The good thing is the fixed cats won't add to the feral cat population and are less likely to succumb to disease and death because when the need to procreate is removed, a lot of the fighting and injury to the cats is prevented.

Karen said...

What a good soul. Perhaps in time the shelter will have room for those cats, especially once they are fixed. Is there a waiting list they can be put on? Sometimes a local veterinarian will allow the cats to live in a "cat condo" cage in their waiting room area with adoption notice on it. Mine does and they find many homes that way.

Joy said...

Equally maddening is the people who do own cats, but do not have them neutered. We have a neighbor whom, every few months or so, have new kittens at their house which run all over the neighborhood and use our yard as a toilet and bird feeding ground. I am almost of the mind that cats should be kept indoors.

Verde Farm said...

What a big heart V has. How lucky these cats are to have her feeding them. It is heart breaking how folks just abandon animals. How can one do that with a conscience? Getting them fixed would be a wonderful thing. Great that they will pay for that and the food too.

carla said...

God bless her.

Zuzana said...

Oh how very touching. As a cat lover I loved this post.;)
Have a lovely weekend,

joolzmac said...

Good onya, V! We have the same problem in Australia. People gift pets to people at Christmas time - cute puppies and kitties - but when that cute pup grows into a ugly dog, it is abandoned somewhere or ends up in an over-crowded shelter. We have an animal shelter in the next town and they provide a free voucher for neutering when you choose a pet from them.

Cheers - Joolz

snookiecollins said...

I've heard talk of an organization that might be able to help with the cats. Alley Cat Allies with a website of the same name. Not sure if I have the spelling exact, but if a search of google is done I'm sure they will be listed there.
*I too take care of some stray cats in my 'small-town' neck of the woods*

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