Riding Life!

Riding Life!
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

V: Do You Like Horses?

"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears."
~Arabian Proverb

Do you like horses? Wish you had one? Perhaps you are like me in that you have always wanted a horse, but never actually owned one? As a child I used to cry and beg my parents for a horse. Hey, it worked for a puppy! I suppose it never occured to me that it would never fit in our suburban backyard. C was lucky in that she got her first horse as a child and it did actually stay in her backyard for a few days before they moved it to a farm. I actually awakened in the early morning and looked out my window to her backyard and there was a horse there!! In the city! Well, it was not that urban, but definitely not horse country!

So, I never got the horse my grandfather promised me, but I did get to vicariously enjoy the horse-owner life through my teenage daughter who saved her money and bought a horse when she was in high school. Now she is all grown up and lives on a farm with horses and cows and a lovely little filly (I'll call "Ivory") who was born week before last and became ill last Saturday. The diagnosis is a bacterial infection and the pitiful little creature injured her leg on the trip home in the horse trailer, but she is hanging on! So, if you're inclined (like me), to think that the Lord of the universe cares about all His creation, and all His creatures, would you lift a little prayer up to the heavens for Ivory?

P.S. Ivory is a cremello Tennessee Walking horse. The color is the result of the action of two cream genes on a red (chesnut/sorrel) horse. Where one cream gene on a red produces a palomino, two of them create the Cremello. Ivory also has blue eyes!


Sand Flat Farm said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE HORSES!!! I prayed for a horse when I was young up until I was a teenager. I had friends with horses so I rode all the time, but we didn't have a place to keep one. I drew horses, I painted horses, I decorated with horse stuff. My daughter is the same way and my husband & I haven't had a place to keep one for her. I have longed for horses all my married life. Now we have a farm and I want to get a couple of horses before I'm too old to enjoy them. I'm 52 now - am I too old to learn to ride again? I love Tennessee Walkers and Quarter horses. That's what I used to ride all the time. That's a beautifully colored little filly and her mama is gorgeous, too. I hope that baby fares well!

And thanks for stopping by my blog!
I appreciate your kind words, and I'm adding you gals to my bloglist so I can keep tabs!

Country Girl said...

Oh, I have never seen a horse of that color! What a sweetie. I hope Ivory overcomes the infection quickly and the leg heals as well. Thanks for sharing this adorable foal.

Amongst The Oaks said...

What an adorable little thing, but so thin! I hope she gets better and plumps up nicely. Beautiful color.

Vee said...

Oh I do love horses and I do know that God cares deeply about all His creatures and He cares deeply about what concerns us. So on those two counts, I have prayed for Ivory to be restored to good health and grow strong and lovely.

Thank you for the explanation about "cremello." I'd not known this before.

(Some of those promises from childhood live with us forever, don't they? I'm so glad that you have the opportunity to be around horses now.)

Rue said...

Well hi there V!!

I had no idea you were posting again. I kept checking though and thought I would again today and Bam! You've posted ;)

I love horses!! I had two growing up and I rode English. They were my babies.

I will definitely say a prayer for Ivory.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Liz said...

Oh wow! That little colt's color is beautiful! I hope she gets better.

carla said...

Same here. We lived in a semi-rural neighborhood. My friend across the street had a couple of acres and ponies, which we rode on an almost daily basis. My dad bought me a horse when I was 15 and I loved everything about it.

The topic of horses reminds me of the Steve McQueen television western series "Wanted: Dead or Alive". At least during the last season or two he had a really wonderful black horse with a white blaze that almost danced when it walked. It's a joy to watch, not just McQueen, but his horse, too.

And yes, I'll pray for the dear little creature. She looks so sweet.

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