C: Return to Blogging--From the Quarantine!

C and V, age 4

We've missed blogging and all our blogging friends.

C still works at her law office, too hard but loves it! 

As for V, well she is blessed with a whole cadre of grandchildren who have kept her busy, even though she is now a retiree.

We are determined to keep the connections we enjoyed with blogging.  Please bear with us as we re-learn.  We are finding out that, simple as Blogger is, we're "creaky" and out of practice, but we are confident we will get where we want to be.  We have big plans.
I know that you all are in the same social distancing situation as are we, although our state has been coming out of the stricter measures, now going into statewide mask mandate. COVID-19 plague has impacted C's work and everyone's movements.  

COVID has these old dogs learning new tricks.  C has been participating in Zoom (remote) trials and predicts that these will become standard for many types of legal proceedings in the future now that we've been forced to try it.

V has spend lots of time with grandkids, helping to home school and learning Zoom, too!.

We hope to reconnect with some of our old friends out there in Blog land and make a bunch of new ones.  We are committed to posting each week and to bringing our ideas to the blog--just as soon we learn how!

Let us hear from you!!  So glad to be back!  C and V


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