Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Thursday, August 16, 2012

C: Comfies

linus Could it be that our heat wave is over?  It has been one long, hot summer here, dry as a tinderbox.  The only upside has been very little mowing.  Our grasses have struggled this summer,and I am thankful I no longer have horses in need of winter hay, because the price must be sky-high.  We’ve had rains now, and we’re only the the 90’s during the day, which is feeling like a cold snap!

But early last week, the heat was still on.  I’d come home from work at 6 p.m. and my little car would still be registering over 100 degrees.

On one of those mornings as I traveled to work, I noticed that at 7:30 a.m. it was already near 90 degrees.  My drive takes me along a four-lane, divided parkway, the two sides enclosing a wooded area which has paved pathways.  Inmom and stroller the mornings I see health-conscious folks out walking, jogging or skating there. 

This particular morning, I spied a young mother in her exercise shorts and tank top pushing a stroller.  Sitting  upright, contentedly surveying her world, was a little girl who appeared to be eighteen months or so.  Piled up on her stroller’s little tray and probably tucked around her was a fluffy, pink blanket. 

All I could think was, “My goodness, that blanket must be hot at near 90 degrees!”  But I remember well how important it was for my son to have his blanket wherever he went at that age. He, too, would have wanted it, no matter the temperature.  I knew why this Mom did not veto the blanket on this hot morning—things would have gotten really hot in its absence!

sock bunny I thought back over Son’s several comfort items:  the blanket with the satin binding that I had to sneak into the washing machine.  His two sock bunnies, one white and one brown (“Chocolate Bunny”).  These were important to him, soothing and comforting.

Even as adults, I think we have continue to have comfies to ease the stress in our lives.  I started thinking about some of mine:

  • Oh, yes, I’m afraid there is comfort food.  It is a mac and chees comfort habit I am trying to break, but try as I might, macaroni and cheese is still a go-to in times of stress.  Unhealthy, I know…yes, I need to work on this habit of turning to food, but I’m trying to be honest in my assessment of comforts here.
  • My dog.  Chili is a great source of comfort.  He is invariably delighted when I arrive home from work each day.  He accompanies me from room-to-room.  When I am home, he is my constant companion and a great comfort.  I think petting him decreases my blood pressure!
  • Pajamas.  Not only are these physically comfortable, I think they are emotionally comfortable.  When I pull pajamas on, it is like a signal that my stressful day is over and it is time to relax.

Do you identify with the little girl and her hot blanket on a hot morning?  What comfy would you have even in the face of “heat?” What gives you comfort in times of stress?  --C

Sunday, August 12, 2012

C: Anglophilia

Oh, dear me!  My sister has recently put me onto Netflix, and I am so loving it.   Yes, I can get some pretty good, pretty current movieupstairsdownstairss through Netflix.  And I am a sucker for documentaries of all stripes, so I’ve done quite a bit of learning through those this past week. 

But what has really done it for me is the ability to see all my favorite BBC series.

I have rewatched all the Upstairs, Downstairs episodes.  I have worked my way through the first series of Downton Abbey, which I had not seen before. 

Both of these reawakened my great longing fordowntonabbey staff: A parlor maid to keep my house “tidy,” a cook to prepare and serve delicious meals so that I actually have  time to “dress for dinner,” and a butler to iron the creases out of my morning newspaper. 

Sigh.  I love this escape.

I have gotten two-thirds through the House of Cards trilohouse of cardsgy, and it’s just the best! 

I love the smooth evil of Francis Urquhart (so aptly called by his initials “F. U.”, first name  pronounced “Fraaahncis”) 

(If you haven’t  watched this series, by all means give it a go

And here’s another thing:  All this British television is causing me to think like they speak.  In my thoughts (please, God, don’t let me actually enunciate this), I find myself using “cahn’t” instead of “can’t” and “ahfter” instead of “after,”" just as Francis or the Butler Hudson woucup of teald say. 

When else but when I am on a British telly streak am I tempted to use the word, “daresay,” as in “I daresay, old chap, I need to go and put a bit of stick about in that  courtroom…”

Such jolly fun…I think I’ll go and have a cup of tea and a biscuit…C

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