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Riding Life!
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

C: The Part of the Freeh Report I”m Not Buyin’

freeh report Good, job, Louis Freeh!  He was hired by Penn State to do an investigation, and he has not spared his employers.  Freeh has released the results of his Penn State investigation.  It seems that all the “higher ups” who knew that Jerry Sandusky was sexually molesting young children knew about it fourteen years.  Fourteen Years! Yes, Fourteen Years.fourteen

During those fourteen years, these fellas saw Sandusky most every day (Freeh said that Sandusky’s offices was “steps away” from Paterno’s office).  These tough guys stood by and watched as Sandusky was honored by politicians and service organizations for his wonderful work with youth (some awards recently rescinded), they attended sports banquets and functions with this man.

yuk I ask you: Could you so much as shaken his hand knowing that he was raping young boys?  Ewwwww—wouldn’t you have wanted to scrub up if you did? 

Could you have slept at night knowing that he had done such a thing and was daily being provided a fresh slate of young, innocent victims whose impoverished mothers were gratefully entrusting their young ones to this “great” icon in hopes of a better life for their child? 

It is, for sure, a scandal that a pedophile was on the prowl, but we know that they walk among us.  We recognize that these monsters exist.  The news alerts us to this.  The real scandal here is the circle of silence by seemingly responsible men in authority who allowed this to go on for fourteen years.  For what?

And, Freeh says in the report, they showed NO concern for these little victims.

paterno statute It is a given that Sandusky is a sicko; now the sickness of the entire Penn State staff is exposed, Paterno included.  (Yes, take the statue down; he is unworthy of any honor).

The one part of the Freeh report I disagree with is his conclusion that this cover up was done to protect the football program.  According to Freeh, these athletic/university leaders did not want to damage the lucrative football program at Penn State. 

Had they followed the law and blown the whistle on this guy, what could they have expected to lose? A couple of years set-back, maybe, by exposing a child molester among them? Penn State’s athletics program would have recovered in short order.

And, by the way, what is the price of their integrity if money is the reason?

If “protecting the program” was their goal, they surely knew that Sandusky was a ticking time bomb.  Since they decided not to do the moral thing have this guy arrested, then wouldn’t it have been better “protection” to just shuffle him off somewhere else (ala Catholic church) by firing him or forcing resignation?  Wouldn’t you have wanted to remove the looming threat if protection of the program was your goal?  Then when the bomb burst you might say you didn’t know when he was at Penn and, hopefully, it would be too long in the offing to be proven otherwise.

Nope.  I’m not buying the program protection story.  This was the Bro-Code in action, as I posted the other day.   This was men protecting one of their obrocodewn—their golfing buddy, their co-worker, one of their circle.  Some men will protect a brother no matter how sick he may be.

Men standing by, knowing of sexual sickness, watching him gather accolades and build his “charity” which turns out to be harvest ground for his perversion. 

Yes, they stood by -

Watching kids enter his clutches.

Knowing what he was doing.

Probably dreading that this would explode.  But, nevertheless,


But it was not the program they were protecting, it was a Brother.

You’ll never convince me otherwise.  C.

PS and I bet their wives knew nothing—I bet none of them went home and said, “Sandusky’s diddling kids…”  Is there a wife out there now looking at her Penn-State-Staff husband with new eyes, saying "You KNEW about this?" or, worse yet, "We let our boy go play over there!" Whaddaya think?


Vee said...

Oh. I had never thought of it that way...the Bro Code in action. Yes, I can see that there could well be women, if they're honest women, taking a good hard look at this now. Some women, of course, are into their own code: Don't Rocka Da Boat.

Vickie said...

Yep, Bro Code again. There's probably several ways the Bro Code can be implemented.

I don't remember a bigger cover-up that lasted longer than this one. Even the ones in politics - this one has to be one the worst ones in recent history. Paterno died in shame. Sandusky will die in prison or be killed in prison. All those who were involved in the cover-up will live the rest of their lives with the guilt, the horror and the memory - they, too, will die in shame. And if there were any wives using the Don't Rocka Da Boat Code (thanks Vee) then they are guilty and will die of shame, too.

Anonymous said...

oh yes the Bro Code in full action mode. and i tend to agree w/ Vee in that while some wives and girlfriends did not know others did. Which is sad and tragic from a different angle....

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

" The real scandal here is the circle of silence by seemingly responsible men in authority who allowed this to go on for fourteen years." That is such a powerful & profound statement.

I CANNOT wrap my mind around this....if I were reading a fiction book based on something like this, I would probably not even finish it - thinking "pfft...boy this author is overreaching" or some other criticism of said author.

I have wondered & wondered & wondered about the wives......and wondered.

There will never really be an ending to this tragedy imo. To be really really honest, I just can't comprehend it -- it defies my limits.

Mamma has spoken said...

Yes it's the bro code And something more. It's a man's mentality that you do EVERYTHING for the team, hence why you see athletes on the playing field with casts, special helmets, etc due to an injury when they should be home, in bed or on the couch, recuperating. This also goes for the coaches. Yes a man can be the slime of the earth but he's one hell of a defensive coordinator, making it all good in their eyes (think of 'we don't want to loose him because he's great for the team'). College football is HUGE money and can bring in amounts that are unheard of for that institution. It really is a cash cow for the big name universities, even smaller ones.
Having a son who in high school, did many major college trips to see the football programs and do their combines, I saw first hand how not only did the kids see these coaches as heroes, but many of the adults did too.
Guess what I am trying to say is, it goes beyond the bro code when it comes to sports. Was it a fact, yes. Was it the only factor, no.

KathySue said...

Just thinking that there is a lot of guilt to spread around here! What about my own personal moral code? Do I ever excuse behavior because of fear of the consequences? I wonder how many others were aware and didn't come forward because of fear of consequences or indifference.

Certainly our society doesn't give out many whistleblower awards when someone brings down a public figure. In our own personal lives we fear that someone will question our motives, or may not believe the truth.

I only hope this brings about some change. Perhaps the impact will result in a culture change in the "Bro Code"? Probably not, but who knows!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I hate to say this, but working in a public school, I've seen cases where Dept. of Human Services are called in for substantiated abuse and DO NOTHING! It's disheartening and discourages future reporting because "what's the use"--they won't do anything about it! I know that they are inundated by child abuse reports, but surely there is some answer to this problem--maybe a future post!

Cowgirl V

Sharon Lovejoy said...

WOWOWOWOWOW! You nailed it all right. I don't believe that a woman would let this flow past. NO football program is worth one second of the life of a young boy.

What a crime. What a shame. Shame on them.

You go to your book girls tonight and drink champagne, eat strawberries, and grill the bad guys.



Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I agree with all of these thoughts and think that you have written an incredible post full of the facts. So sad, for so many families.

KathyB. said...

I am sickened by the atrocities ( yes, atrocities) committed by Sanduski and even more so by the men who knew of the evil acts he did to boys that will affect them all the rest of their lives.Chalk it all down to the idolatry of sports heroes and the money that follows them.Football, baseball, soccer...lots of hero worship, lots of money, who can stand against that in this world?I am pleased to see the school, the sports programs, the money, stripped from them when I remember the little boys victimized by the system and the so-called "great men" who did little to nothing to protect them, but a whole lot to protect themselves. Finally, justice!(but at what cost?)

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