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Riding Life!
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

RANT WARNING, C: Adding to the Hall of Infamy

razorback V and I live in the grand state of Arkansas.  U of A Razorback football is huge throughout the state, although I don’t care two hoots and a holler about it.  Around here you see Razorback clothing, Razorback purses, Razorback s%*t on cars,  Razorback everything.  Silliness

I remain mostly clueless about the entire sports program, thankfully.  I cannot think of any more boring activity than watching a Razorback game on television unless it’s being dragged to one in person.

A couple of weeks ago at work my brother said, “Can you believe it about Petrino?” 

Who?”  (yes, I am that clueless). Turns out it’s “our” head coach. (er, now former head coach).

Petrino!” he chided.  “Don’t you follow any news?  He had a motorcycle wreck and had a young sweetie on the back. I think it’s going to be a big deal.”

It was a big deal.  An investigation was launched and he was dismissed, losing a contract worth $2.3 million a year (amazing, our priorities).

And, yes, he did have a young sweetie on the bike with him.  Here’s the happy couple:


She’s, oh, half his age—maybe closer to a third his age.  And, by the way, she was an employee of the university.  He hired her!, which makes this really bad, legally as well as morally.

Athletic Director Jeff Long did a stellar job explaining the University’s position concerning the firing.  I did not know who he was, either, prior to this.  I have a great deal of respect for what he had to say. 

Here is the press conference, if you care to spend the five minutes or so to watch.  Toward the end, Mr. Long becomes very emotional as he addresses the topic of our duty to the young people on our sports teams.  I agree wholeheartedly with him and applaud his actions, especially when he pointedly says that Petrino does not have the character to lead our students.  (The video is more interesting than a football game, I promise…)

What I hear in Mr. Long’s talk is a tale of total arrogance by this Petrino dude.  On MY money (as a citizen of the state).

This guy had it all…a lovely wife, children, a cushy job in a state which practically (idiotically, in my humble opinion) worships its football coach.  It never ceases to amaze me that someone will throw everything away for a “relationship” that could not have much of a chance to be anything more than amoney fling.

Of course, it comes out that he also gave this chick $20,000.00.  My, money can buy the ego boost, can’t it?  Look at him…what else can she see in him except money and power?  Amazing. (And, by the way, what does that make her?)

I tend to disapprove of the over-emphasis of sports in our institutes of higher learning.  I am somewhat persuaded that they have their place when I hear how much money they rake in for the schools (so long as I am not forced to watch the games).  But then things like this make me rethink.  If the “importance” of the sport is so great that we attract and ncaa to some extent tolerate (until there is a public scandal too open to ignore) giant egos that lead to this kind of family-wrecking antics, I’m not sure it’s worth it.  If this is higher education, then I”m not for it.  Are we modeling that money/power can allow any behavior?

But, then, I’m just an old grouch when it comes to football, anyway…C.

PS - For other “Hall of Infamy” inductees, do a search on this blog for John Edwards (that trial is interesting, isn’t it?); Tiger Woods; Mel Gibson; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Anthony Weiner, to name a few of my inductees.


Vivianne said...

C ! I need a search box on your blog ! :-)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Cell phone records showed that there was also a brunette beauty, Petrino was also messing around with. He is a serial cheater and scoundrel. I'm not a football fan either, but I don't mind it when the family watches.
I don't appreciate my tax dollars supporting $20,000. payments to Petrino's playmate! He disgraced himself, but I don't think he "gets" it. Jeff Long made such a courageous decision and strong statement which before he revealed all the sordid details and deceit, was very unpopular. The character and strength Jeff Long demonstrated in that press conference helped restore my respect and faith in MANkind! Glad you posted "C"!
Cowgirl V

KathyB. said...

I sure do agree with you on pretty much all points here. I can have a football game on in the living room ( thanks to my husband) and it is simply background noise.It means so little to me, yet when I hear more major news stories with even more stories of similar or even worse scandals committed by coaches, what is usually discussed and lamented is the loss to the football, basketball, etc. team and the program when the coach comes a'tumbling down.Who cares about the abuse of trust , are we naive to think being honorable is a character quality to desire for our coaches, teams, students, life?

You asked a very good question about Petrino's chickie on the side too, what does this say about her? Wonder if her parents would have thought twice about sending her to college if they'd thought this could happen?

BTW, I also wonder what it says about us as a nation when sports occupies as much or even more time on the news than the state of the world and news that is so much more important in the whole scheme of things. Football, baseball, sports...false idols, with hundreds of thousands bowing down to worship them in front of their big screen t.v.( Do you think I have a problem with my attitude about sports?)

Suzanne said...

All I can say is that you don't want to live ANYWHERE near Green Bay. The Packers fans are rabid, dressing everyone (including the dog) in Packers gear, head to toe. And then they paint the family van in Packers oolors. No kidding!

Mamma has spoken said...

Agree about the 'power' anyone who is a name not only in sports, but tv, movies, industry, have and how disgusting their behavior can be. It seems like common decency and behavior leaves as the money and fame increases.
I remember when my sons were playing high school football, a famous NFL player was from our area. Everyone was so excited because he was coming to one of our fund raisers and signing mini helmets for the team he was on (for a price of course). People were lined up, waiting to meet him and get his signature. I was treasurer of the boosters at this time and we did rake in the money that day. I didn't get the appeal of meeting him but was thankful for those who did. Fast forward 10 years to today. Not sure if anyone remembers him or what team he played for. It's like he has 'disappeared' from sight.

Vee said...

Oh...since you bring it up...when will you be discussing the J.E.'s case? It is fascinating. Okay, I'm going to listen to the final bit of the video. It sounds refreshing.

Mark Currey said...

coaches don't have the market cornered on that kind of ego. money and media exposure are the only difference between petrino and any one of a dozen college profs you likely had who slept with students, GS's, etc. i know of at least 2 profs in a single department who were both married with kids and involved in serial affairs with students. i think it is probably about as common in the music dept or english dept as it is in the athletic dept.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Just dropped by to say hello and to wish you a happy weekend!

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