Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Friday, October 8, 2010

C: Everybody’s Working for the Weekends

TGIFI find myself, more and more, living for the weekends.  Respite from the hectic.  I love my work but, frankly, it gets overwhelming.  Never do I get to a comfortable, busy hum; it seems to stay at fever pitch.  I know, I know, I whine here all the time about this, but it’s true.

This Monday is Columbus Day—a federal holiday.  The Courthouse will be closed.  Traditionally (as in twenty-five years ago and earlier), law offices also closed when the courthouse did.  Not so anymore, we’ll be there just like a regular day…ah to be a Federal employee! 

This weekend I have nothing on the slate (except, of course, that three-day trial looming next week).  But, at least, I don’t have to work my pre-trial preparations around others this weekend.  This is a luxury.  Usually there is at least some family obligation or social event I feel I must attend, but this weekend there is nothing.  What an inviting prospect!NAP

Oh, I’ll stay busy enough.  Believe me, there’s housework a plenty for me  to do and then there are all those winterizing chores to come.  And, I’ll have to prepare trial outlines….Too, I’ll probably fit in a nap both days…

So, that last item is what makes me feel guilty.  I find myself think: “You have all that work waiting on you at the office.  You should be there today catching up.”   But what I have found is that I really, really need a couple days back-t0-back to recharge the batteries.  This is not a cop-out.  This is a reality.

When I get overtired, not only does the speed and clarity of my thinking suffer, I tend to get pessimistic and depressed.  Thankfully, I have learned this about myself and find myself saying at times, “Yes, C, I know it all looks grim right now, but remember you didn’t get much sleep last night…things will look more manageable in the morning.”  And usually that’s exactly right.

My brother, who practices with me agrees, as he has experienced the same thing.  Some weekend days when we talk and I mention I am thinking of going in to catch up, he will caution me that I will be less effective if I don’t get enough time away from our work.  I know he is right.  It isn’t just the physical “rest” part of the deal.  What I need is the time away from thinking about my work and churning through the issues it presents.  On Monday mornings I find myself with new insights on existing situations; yet another proof that our brains work subconsciously on matters while we piddle and sleep and socialize.


I am certain that the concept of “days off,” especially structured ones, is relatively new to mankind (must research this).  I don’t see how agricultural societies, for example, could actually take regular “days off.”  The cows always need milking, the stock fed, and probably (I don’t know this…) work on the farm was as neverending as mine seems to be. 

So I wonder: Are we just softer now, demanding actual “weekends” and all?  Oh, yes, I’d venture to say so.  Still, we can only be where we are, and where I am is needing those two days, back-t0-back if I can get them.  C.


lila said...

Get some R&r, take time to recharge your batteries.
Agricultural lifestyles are closer to nature and probably get down time with the daily rhythm of things.
Sabbaths are highly recommended and were strictly kept a couple of centuries back!

Kelloggsville said...

Even God rested on the 7th day!

Mamma has spoken said...

I too use to go in on the week-ends to get 'caught up' on paperwork and such. I thought it would make my week go easier knowing that everything was done. Bad thing was it was time I wasn't spending with my family, missing things that wouldn't/couldn't wait for me. I have since learned to make work time work and home time family time,with the two being kept separate. Yes I'll go into work early or I'll stay late but no more week-ends. I need the time away in order to be more productive during the work day and not resentful of the time spent away from the family.

Zuzana said...

I have never seen anyone working harder than Americans.;) You guys work hard and you are dedicated and devoted to your work.
Europeans, they work to live not live to work. Here many people get off already around mid-day on Fridays and no one works weekends. The vacation is usually 8 weeks a year.;)
But I am still with you, I live for weekends and I simply love Fridays.
So have lovely weekend and sorry that Monday is a working day for you,

Immigrant Daughter said...

C you really do need to learn to like being home and not be thinking of work. I really beilieve when you think of all the work at home you just block it out because no one is there to share with you. It is tough being alone, I know I fight drepression more than I like to.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I learned from Dr. Wanda Stephens one day at a staffing, she said she was wishing she could just break her leg, then she thought how insane! She needed some down time, she stated that she realized how guilty she felt if she was off and how wrong that thinking was, so she said it is ok to have days off, not because your sick but becasue you may want to lay in bed and read or watch movies, or just do nothing, I will have me a Linda Averitt day, or weekend where I make my self play or do nothing, it is still hard, best way to do it is schedule me a massgae/nails/feet and eat something I love:) then I am like a limp noodle and can rest:))) helps me, Ann May taught me to have time for me too, she taught me to play and spend money on me and not feel guilty:)) so girl go play and rest and eat and have some C time!!! Then you will be the best at your work and being a mother and friend becasue you have something of you to give:)) hugs

Laurie@Gift Baskets for Women said...

Good article. That's true - back in the day of agricultural careers, there were no days off. That was their life - working on the farm.

I wonder too, what has changed. Today we have so many choices of what to do with our time, that sometimes you have to ask if it's been a benefit or not.

Time off is nice, but I think we have come to feel that we are "owed it."

However, as one of your commenters has already pointed out, God rested on the seventh day, and He did tell us to do the same:-)

Mary said...

I have found a solution. Marry a football loving husband and on weekends let him whisk you away to some town with a stadium; then, blame your weekend office absence on his commitment, all the while knowing that it is probably saving your sanity...for the moment.

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