Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

C: Power Woman Update

Bear with me, here: FYI, I have learned to bushhog!! It was great fun, although the pasture does not look as good as it did when my wayward husband used to do it. I must say that, while it was fairly easy, I had a moment on a hillside when I thought I was going to tump over and realized I could kill myself in a heartbeat on this thing...must not go on hills horizontally! I am working on my farmer's tan, too.

To be fair to myself about how the job looked, I must say that the grass had grown over my head in places and I am not yet skilled in getting around trees, etc., although I am getting there. I think the next bushhogging will make the place look decent. I was running low on fuel and have to get diesel before continuing. I can't believe I'm buying diesel--this is way out of my bailiwick, but I'm adapting.

I also have learned how to air up the tractor tire with a compressor (!!!) and, when I found the tractor battery was dead, I charged it up all by myself!!! Of course it took almost an hour for me to find the battery and then I just took a freakin' chance on how to hook up the charger. (Did you know if you let the end parts of the charger cords touch, that sparks fly everywhere??! I didn’t—I do now…). I got the charger to work--I guess I didn't go to college for nothing. I am quite pleased with myself. Can you tell? (It's the little things).

For you males reading this, remember that mechanical know-how is transmitted to you genetically--I, being female on the other hand, had to discover it. My son gets credit here for some instruction on bushhogging and trying to talk me through the battery thing over the phone.

I could not resist e mailing my husband and telling him that I had given him way too much credit over the years, while I thought he was out there working his butt off on the tractor (and he worked that angle for all it was worth). Not only is the tractor not rocket science (it was always mysterious to me...the mysterious tractor...) but it has made me realize that there are only two things he can do that I can't: 1) pee standing up and 2) abandon his family responsibilities. Thankfully, I don't wish to do either. (My friend, Dee, points out that he can stand up and pee neatly, which really is the only difference…a valid point).

Was it mean that I said that to him? It is true. And I don't care if it was mean. I got meaner and told him that I realized that my only problem with the tractor was unfamiliarity--that just having a little information made the process easy. That it would be like asking him to take no-good deadbeats to court for failing to live up to their court-ordered obligations--hard for him to do because he doesn't know how; easy for me--a divorce lawyer--and almost as much fun as bushhogging. He will understand the reference: he still owes me money from July and there is a plethora of obligations under our agreement he has totally ignored.

Anyway, tractoring has been rather empowering. Just thought I'd share the moment. When I sent her this little essay, a young newly-divorced friend replied, "Hey! Not that this compares, but I did feel rather like a big girl getting my own car tags yesterday, and updating my insurance, etc.. I am kind of amazed at how scared I have been of doing simple things. Maybe men tell us we can't do things by ourselves because they are afraid we would take the world over if only we knew how capable we really are." Oh, yeah, girlfriend, you are so right.

Amazing what broadening one's horizon's can do for one's spirits and confidence and, to paraphrase Dorothy, "You don't have to look any farther than your own back yard!" - C

PS - I'm thinking of starting a "learn-to-tractor-power-course for women..."

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I want to take the course!!!

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