Riding Life!

Riding Life!
Life is like a wild horse--Unless you ride it, it will ride you! (from the movie: "Princess of Thieves.")

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cowgirl V: Dog Days at the Farm


imagesCA66ZLH7Burning candle at both ends

It’s been awhile!  My sister called this weekend and said “When are y’all going to post again?  It’s time!  “C” and I are both burning the candle at both ends!  I’m busy working at the school and helping with the grandkids.  “C” is SO busy with her law practice.  The pressure is just not letting up!  Earlier this evening she said “something’s gotta give!”  I couldn’t agree more!  Maybe a girls trip next month would be the respite we both need! 

I’ve talked to several of my friends lately who say they are working harder than ever in their late fifties—a time when ladies from yesteryear would have been playing bridge or sewing quilts!  Retirement is looking better all the time!  I don’t want to sound selfish, but I want and need some ME time!  I missed filling my hypertension medication this weekend and this morning my blood pressure skyrocketed.  The nurse at the clinic said “I’m getting you a pill right now” and the doctor doubled my dose.  I really NEED to slow down and find time to walk. Apparently, chasing toddlers does not count as cardio!

Slow Down

Eldest daughter is doing so much better with the pregnancy.  She still has to have a shot of blood thinner in the tummy everyday, but is feeling better.  We babysat the toddler while they went away for the weekend.  Not just the toddler, but Kiwi the parrot, the seven dogs-- thankfully our son took care of the horses!  Hubby took the dogs with him down to the creek!  The Saint Bernard arrived this summer as a puppy.  Can you believe he was actually DUMPED at their farm?  Bear is a gorgeous, affectionate fellow who is always gentle with the children, but when he is hungry you had better get out of his way!!!  I’ve never seen a dog eat with such gusto and greed!


jenifers, conway0004

Bear is about 9 months old now.  His father weighs 200 lbs.!

My grandson had gone out to feed the dogs and came back to report to mom that there was “another puppy out there!”  When my son-in-law got home and checked the mail, there was an envelope with two one hundred dollar bills and a note that said “For the care of the puppy”.  This made the third puppy dumped at their farm last summer!  There were also registration papers with the owner’s name whited out.  My daughter called the breeder in a neighboring town who told her that the man had paid $1000. for the dog as a gift for his girlfriend.  A week later he called her and said that he and his girlfriend had broken up and he wanted to return the puppy for a refund.  The woman refused, saying that her husband was ill and she was not going to breed dogs anymore.  The puppy was healthy and she would NOT give him a refund.  He told her that he passed a farm everyday where he could see dogs playing  in the pasture, and that those people had the other two dogs his girlfriend had decided not to keep, so he would see if they would take this one also!  So that explained how Cowboy (the Great Pyranees cross) and Scotch (the labradoodle) came to be dumped at the farm!  Who could believe that someone would actually dump three puppies they had bought?  I can’t help but think how lucky these dogs are.  Breaks my heart to think of all the dogs who are not so lucky!


jenifers, conway0006

Bear loves the water!


Coco was the first rescue dog at the farm.  She was adopted from the local Humane Society.

jenifers, conway0005

She was the mother of ten puppies who were all adopted!  She IS the boss!

jenifers, conway0008


And here is the the little fella who’s been snuggling up with me lately.  Desi the Papillon.




Can’t help but love dogs, but I love the kitties too!  Goldie is my constant companion. 



She is the queen at our house! 

So how about my friends out there in blogland?  Dogs or cats?  Do you have a preference or love them both like I do?

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