Riding Life!

Riding Life!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

C: Of Guns and Peace

bradley stoneBradley Stone is on the lam, probably in Pennsylvania. He is accused of murdering six people, including his ex-wife and her family.
There is one suspected sighting by a man out walking his dog. NBC Philadelphia reports:
Police are investigating whether a man, who fit Stone's description, was involved in a carjacking in Doylestown late Monday. He had a knife when he approached a resident around 7 p.m. on the 100 block of Commons Way in Doylestown Township and demanded his car keys, according to investigators.
The victim, who was legally armed, fired multiple rounds at the suspect, who ran into nearby woods, police said. Police, including K-9 units, searched the area, but they did not locate anyone.
Read about this here.

And, then there's this:

Remember the horrors of the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya,westgate mall proving that shopping malls are fortresses for terrorists? It certainly gave Interpol (International Police) reason to ponder this:
Mindful of the recent terrorist attack at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said that armed citizens in open societies need to be able to defend themselves and others against terrorist attacks.  You can read this here
lindtNow turn to the Chocolate Café in Sydney, Australia, where yesterday one lone gunman held captive at least 17 others.

What if one of those citizens had been packing? Could things have been different?

What if the gunman had reason to suspect at the beginning of his insane plan that someone in that shop might have been packing? Would it have given him pause?

What if the man in Pennsylvania walking his dog had not had his gun? Would he have lost more than his car keys and car?

Would this person, if it is a fugitive as desperate as Stone must be, have killed a witness?
Just thinking out loud…

And, yes, this may take it a bit far, but I could not resist.

Sorry to return on such a somber note.  Call me a right-winged nut case for even thinking this.  I won’t mind.  It’s what is on my mind today. 
Just askin’ the question.
POST SCRIPT - News says the fugitive has been found dead--suicide.  Was a PTSD veteran.  Sad.  


kath001 said...

No matter the topics, your posts are always thought provoking. Glad to see you back! And Merry Christmas!

Joolz said...

I don't know what the answer is to all the random and terrorist shooting that is happening nowadays.

As an Australian, I do not want to stand next to someone in a coffee/chocolate shop with the knowledge they have a pistol on them, whether they use it for good or evil. That is not how we do it here.

There are far too many people with mental health issues to allow guns to be legal again. Every second nutter would be out shooting up the neighbourhood! NO THANK YOU!

Our legal guns were taken away years ago after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 and since then there have been no mass killings since.

Guns will always been obtained by illegal measures by the mongrels who choose to use them - the evil piece of filth who held those hostages in Sydney was out on bail for being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife (stabbed/set on fire), sexual assault on several young women/girls and he also wrote something like 9 letters to the families of Australian soldiers killed while fighting in Afghanistan condemning their service and saying he was glad they died. Our judicial system has a lot to answer for letting that scum walk free amongst us to go on to do what he did ... ruin the lives of 17 beautiful, normal Australians, two who are now dead.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

We've talked about the gun culture in Switzerland and their comparatively very low crime rate, despite their requirement for mandatory gun ownership by every adult male. Historians say that it is because of their gun ownership that this tiny nation was spared Nazi invasion. Since Americans have always had guns, it's obviously not gun ownership that is causing the increase of violence in our country. Our country has changed and I think most of us would agree--not for the better. As for this man who went on a killing rampage - I wish the news media would stop calling him a veteran with post traumatic stress as if that is a excuse for what he chose to do. Plenty of veterans who have suffered the same malady would never resort to this.

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